End Of Mumbai Siege


Indian security officials say they have regained control of Mumbai following the most extended terrorist assault in the country’s history. Some 60 hours after a group of gunmen threw India’s commercial capital into bloody chaos, officials say all of the suspected Islamic militants have been killed or captured. VOA correspondent Steve Herman reports from New Delhi on the end of the days of turmoil that has left nearly
200 people dead.Along the Colaba coastline, at the Gateway of India, gunfire punctuated the early morning hours Saturday. Inside and around the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower hotel, a building synonymous with modern Indian luxury, commandos tossed grenades and set fires to flush out the remaining terrorists.An Indian soldiers aims at Taj Mahal Hotel where suspected militants holed up during
an assault in Mumbai, 28 Nov 2008 Police forces had been overwhelmed. It took days of intense and prolonged battles between elite military squads and well-equipped, fiercely determined insurgents to end the siege at the Taj, the nearby Trident-Oberoi Hotel and the expatriate Jewish community center.
         The director-general of the National Security Guards, J.K. Dutt, said, “In the Taj, three terrorists have been killed.”  The National Security Guards spearheaded the operation at the three locations.But Dutt told reporters at the Taj that he would not declare the last of the three urban combat sites secured until hundreds of rooms in the hotel had been cleared.Dutt says an unknown number of terrified guests still need to be persuaded that it is safe to leave the rooms where many had taken refuge since Wednesday evening.It had taken until Friday to eliminate the attackers from the two other sites where a number of civilians were found dead of gunshots. The Trident-Oberoi,like the Taj, had been stormed by the terrorists who made a systematic effort to capture foreigners, especially those holding American and British passports.At the third site, Nariman House, there had been a grim unprecedented assault where Islamic radicals took Jewish hostages.Commandos dropped by helicopter onto the roof of the Jewish community center early Friday engaged in a prolonged battle to free five Israeli hostages. All were found dead late in the day.

Mumbai Terrorist Azam Ameer Qasab Caught alive

Terrorist Ajmal Amir Kamal

Terrorist Azam Ameer Qasab

The gang of terrorists who were in Mumbai for three days were made to believe by their Lashkar bosses that they were not being sent on a suicide mission and that they would be coming back alive.

In a sensational disclosure made by Azam, the jihadi nabbed caught by Mumbai police, the group had planned to sail out on Thursday. The Lashkar had even charted out the return route for them and stored it on the GPS device which they had used to navigate their way to the Mumbai shoreline.

This suggests that the terrorists were willing to undertake a mission which they knew would be very risky, but not necessarily suicidal.

Ajmal made another important disclosure, that all terrorists were trained in marine warfare along with the special course Daura-e-Shifa conducted by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in what at once transforms the nature of the planning from a routine terror strike and into a specialized raid by commandos.

Battle-hardened ATS officials are surprised by the details of the training the terrorists were put through before being despatched for the macabre mission. This was very different from a terrorist attack, and amounted to an offensive from the seam, said a source.

qasab has revealed the name of his fellow jihadis all Pakistani citizens as Abu Ali, Fahad, Omar, Shoaib, Umer, Abu Akasha, Ismail, Abdul Rahman (Bara) and Abdul Rahman (Chhota).

The account of qasab also strengthens the doubt of the complicity of powerful elements in the Pakistani establishment. According to him, the group set off on November 21 from an isolated creek near Karachi without the deadly cargo of arms and ammunition they were to use against the innocents in Mumbai. The group received arms and ammunition on board a large Pakistani vessel which picked them up the following day. The vessel, whose ownership is now the subject of an international probe, had four Pakistanis apart from the crew.

A day later, they came across an Indian-owned trawler, Kuber, which was promptly commandeered on the seas. Four of the fishermen who were on the trawler were killed, but its skipper, or tandel in fishermen lingo, Amarjit Singh, was forced to proceed towards India. Amarjit was killed the next day, and Ismail the terrorist who was killed at Girgaum Chowpaty took the wheel.

A trained sailor, Ismail used the GPS to reach Mumbai coast on November 26. The group, however, slowed down its advance as they had reached during the day time while the landing was planned after dusk. The group shifted to inflatable boats, before disembarking at Badhwar Park in Cuffe Parade.

From there, they mandated to kill indiscriminately, particularly white foreign tourists, and spare Muslims split up into five batches. Two of them Ismail and Ajmal took a taxi to Victoria Terminus. Three other batches of two each headed for Oberoi Hotel, Cafe Leopold and Nariman House. The remaining four went to Taj Hotel.

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Dies a Hero’s Death

uniiBeing in the forefront of the National Security Guards operations at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan not only waged a valiant battle against the terrorists but also did his best to save his injured colleagues and in the bargain lost his life. He showed the real warrior in him before laying down his life.

Thirty-one-year-old Major Sandeep is the only son of retired ISRO officer K. Unnikrishnan, who is settled in Bangalore.

 His father told presspersons: “I lost my son in Mumbai on Friday. Though I do not like to call him a martyr, I can proudly say that he has done something for this country.” He was informed of the death of his son by the Deputy Inspector-General of Police (National Security Guards).

According to information reaching the family, “Major Sandeep was leading a team and during the operations two of his colleagues sustained bullet injuries. In a bid to save them Sandeep turned back. The bullets fired by the terrorists pierced him. On November 26, he had called us and said that one of his childhood friends is getting married in the city on December 17. He had planned to attend that marriage,” Mr. Unnikrishnan said.

Major Sandeep was ambitious, talented and a brave soul, said his friends and neighbours. He joined the National Defence Academy and was commissioned in the Bihar 7th Regiment in 1999. He was drafted to the NSG after his gallantry was recognised,” Kiran Srivasthav, a childhood friend of Major Sandeep.

According to Anirudh Uppal, Inspector-General (Headquarters) National Security Guards (NSG), Major Sandeep had exposure to counter insurgency operations after having served in Jammu and Kashmir for two terms. He was deputed to the NSG on January 20, 2007 and participated in various operations conducted by the elite force.

The gallant officer of the team commander of 51 SAG was deployed to clear Hotel Taj Mahal of extremists on November 27. He led the team from the front and engaged the terrorists in a fierce gunfight. When one of the NSG commandos was injured in the exchange of fire, he arranged for his evacuation and regardless of personal safety chased the terrorists who, meanwhile, escaped to another floor of the hotel, and while doing so Major Sandeep continuously engaged them. In the encounter that followed, he was seriously injured and succumbed to injuries.

Mumbai terror attack on 26th november


terror1The gateway of india was in blood on 26th november, when many indian were enjoing the blast of sehwag in the odi series . On the same night the terror blast rocked the business hub of india.

All premier landmarks came under attacks ,Taj hotel,oberoi hotel,Nariman point, central railway station ,Trident hotel.Blood was spashed in all parts of the city.Over 100 were killed and about 87 injured as of noe, many more hostages are there as well , we dont have the exact count , one or handred , its a human life that is under threat.

Shivraj Patil , a fancy minister who is more concerned in the dress he wears for media interviews rather thanthe matter he speaks. An irresponsible Intelligence Bureau and at last the coward Congress which takes pride in protecting terrorists have not yet commented on the situation. Will these blast atleast make congress to remove shivraj patil , not sure.

ATS chief hemant karkare and 10 other fellow collegues in the police force laid down theeir lives in the line of duty. Will their sacrifices will be answerd or will it end with 2 days of media hype. The terrorist came all through from pakistan in a boat till the gateway of india with arms , entered different parts of the city and took their posts, they were asking for US and UK nationals, the terrorist group is believed to be Deccan mujjahiddin. What is that these idiotic terrorists achieve in these, besides killing others and themselves

Chennai law college clash 12 th november in tamilnadu

     On november 12th , there was heavy clash between two rival grops of DR.ambedkar law college here in chennai .The students were heavily armed .  4 students are seriously injured and there condition is critical.

The cause for the clash is that the students are of two different communities.during a event some students have designed posters which never had Dr.Ambedkar name in it, which was the intial cause of the whole fight.

On wednesday afternoon when there semester exams are on ,a group of students already assembled with sticks, tubelights and iron rods .

Arumugam and Bharathi kannan of the rival group seeing their assembly , approached them with long knives . when both approached near the group , arumugam and bharathi kannan were trashed that they went unconscious . Yet the Groups rival thirst were not over , they kept beating the unconscious students with long sticks and large stones.

These students are worse than animals , and these guys are going to study law and protect the country , what fate the country will face . These students should be dismissed from there college and put behind bars if the college authorities are humans , if not they they too belong to the same  worse than animal race.  

And the police ofcourse being their counterpart never found anything unruly , they were more than happy to see the stunt , why is that they are assembled their may be to get a live view of the stunt . shame on the police . out of the four injured , bharathi kannan is too serious and fighting for life. Following these these their is great tension in coimbatore and madurai law college , may be even they want to prove they are also worse than animals.

Chennai Triple Murder – Ex Tamil Nadu Minerals Limited Chairman Killed

chennaiIn a triple murder case, former Chairman of the state-owned Tamil Nadu Minerals Limited (TAMIN), his wife and a maid were murdered with their throat slit at Ashok Nagar area in the city today.

The killings sent shock waves across the predominantly residential area as it took place right opposite the Police Training College.

Police said while the retired bureaucrat Saravanan (74) was found murdered in kitchen on the first floor of his Bungalow, his wife Kasturi (73) and maid Anbarasi (17) were found dead in the bedroom.

Their throats were slit. According to police, the killers might have used kitchen knive as the murder weapon.

The incident came to light around 0600 hrs when Saravanan’s family friend Unnikrishnan made his routine visit to meet him. On information, senior police officials, including Chennai City Police Commisioner K Radhakrishnan, Deputy Commissioner Muthusamy rushed to the spot and held preliminary inquiries.

The bodies were removed to Royapettah Government Hospital for autopsy. Police have registered a case of murder for gain as the house was ransacked and gold jewels and property documents were found missing. Saravanan was also a former professor of the Presidency college, while his wife was a retired state government official. The aged couple were long- time residents of the area and were friendly with everyone.

As the main doors were found open and the couple had no issues, police suspect the involvement of close family relatives, who could have hired a mercenary gang to execute the murder. The authorities also did not rule out the possibility of property feud as the reason for the killings. Saravanan, said to be very close to late Chief Minister MGR, had served as TAMIN Chairman during the AIADMK regime headed by MGR.

Talking to reporters after visiting the spot, Mr Radhakrishnan said ten special teams had been formed to nab the culprits

Michael Jackson converts to islam


Michael jackson has converted to islam, he has changed his name to mikaeel, which is the name of one of the Allah’s angel. The 50 year old star pledged his allegiance to the koran in a aeremony at a freinds mansion in los angeles .

The star was convinced by his producer and song writer friends.” They began talking to him about their beliefs and how they thought they thought they had become better people after they converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea.  

They began talking to him about their beliefs, and how they thought they had become better people after they converted. Michael soon began warming to the idea. An Imam was summoned from the mosque and Michael went through the shahada, which is the Muslim declaration of belief.
In the most recent of controversies, troubled pop singer Michael Jackson is being sued by a sheikh for 4.3 million pounds for a breach of contract. Prince Abdulla Al-Khalif of Bahrain had signed a deal for an autobiography, two albums and a musical with Jackson. And in return he gave Jackson an 180,000 pound Rolls-Royce. The sheikh has filed the case in London High Court against Jackson.

It is believed that michael has changed to islam so that he could be not sued by the sheik

Chennai Government Hospital On Fire-Is Arumugam Injured?

19nov_ghA fire broke out in the neurosurgical ward of the Government hospital on Tuesday, triggering panic and forcing shifting of patients out the smoke-filled unit on the ground floor.

Around 8.45 pm, patients in the ward saw fumes emanating from a split air conditioner and alerted hospital authorities. Patients’ attendants and relatives began carrying them out. The power supply to the ward, which had 46 patients, was cut off. It added to the confusion when people inside the hospital were jostling to rush out.

Some patients complained that the hospital did not react with the urgency with which it should have to tackle the fire outbreak. “When the AC started burning, the hospital authorities didn’t take any action to control the fire,” said Ellappan of Muthrangam, whose brother was admitted for treatment. “We all carried the patients and ran way from the ward which was filled with smoke,” said Pandian of Tirukalikundram. His brother was undergoing treatment for a injury.

Divisional Fire Officer, North Chennai, D N Velayudhan Nair told to this website’s newspaper that the Fire and Rescue Service control room received the fire alarm call at 9.40 pm. Two fire engines put out the fire within 15 minutes. He said an electric short circuit had caused the fire. As an oxygen cylinder pipe was passing near the AC, the hospital authorities stopped the electricity supply to the ward, otherwise oxygen supply to the other wards would have been affected, he added.

Bharathi Kannan- Provocative Poster -Ambedkar College Clash-Chennai



Fresh set of wall posters with the law college named without the prefix ‘Dr Ambedkar,’ appeared at various places in the city, particularly around the college campus, once again on Friday, two days after Dalits and Backward Class students fought a pitched battle, triggered by a dispute over some posters carrying the college name in the same fashion — as ‘Government Law College’.

The new posters were, however, to demand the arrest of those who attacked the BC students, K R Bharathi Kannan and K Arumugham, while the old posters were put up in connection with the ‘Thevar Jayanthi’ celebrations on October 30. The wording in the posters were independently provocative — K R Bharathi Kannan, K Arumugam yandra irandu singangalai koduramaka thaakiya jaathi veriyarkal … (Caste chauvinists who brutally attacked the two lions K R Bharathi Kannan and A Arumugham should…) — and was not considered good reason for the police to act.

The newly appointed City Police Commissioner K Radhakrishnan told Express that it was mandatory for political parties and social organisations to obtain permission from the police before putting up posters. “The one that has appeared in and around the law college was unlawful, and I will immediately intensify police patrolling in the city,’’ he added.

Thevar Dalit Conflict – Ambedkar College – Chennai

This was a Thevar-Dalit conflict. The provocation for the violence was a poster that was printed and distributed on the occasion of Thevar Jayanthi by a group of Thevar students. But they committed an error: the name of the college was mentioned as “Government Law College,” leaving out the name of Dr. Ambedkar, which was interpreted as an insult to Dr. Ambedkar. Though the tempers were running high for a few days, the college authorities did little to contain the situation.

Though the State Government has suspended the police officials for breach of duty, it does not seem to send away the message that every time a student is beaten, action are to be taken against the erring policemen. A far better way to contain the violence is the prompt action from the police whereby they could save the hapless victims, rather than waiting and watching the ugly situation go out of hand.

Meanwhile, the State Government has set up a one-member Commission of Inquiry set to look into the incident; the immediate measure is to ensure law and order in the campus.

The police, said sources, had information that a group of boys from one community, carrying “logs and pipes”, were lying in wait outside the exam hall. Worse, college principal K.M. Sridev, who was suspended on Thursday, was told by the intelligence wing on November 1 that the two groups were bracing for a showdown, a source claimed.

HP walkin chennai 2011

Hp had a walk in for 2010/2011 batch freshers at chennai .

Landmark : Park sheraton

shreyas tower,teynampet,chennai.

There were vacancies for the IT/BPO vacancies for which the interviews were held .


interview date : 28\10\2011

walkin – 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Informatica vacancies in chennai

Those who have experience of 1.5 – 4 years in banking/Insurance/retail vertical with informatica do send ur resumes to ssndilip@gmail.com. I work for one of the top Indian IT company and can upload your resume as part of the employee refferal system for which even i get paid if you are called for and got selected , so it is a win win situation for both of us .


Happy job hunting 🙂

EXTjs interview questions

1) What is the use of extjs in asp.net ?

To enrich the user interface using inbuilt API’s in extjs . Extjs also suppotrs jason which is light weight when compared to XML.

will update with further more questions with answers

Oracle interview questions

1) What are the various databases you have worked with ?

Oracle , SQl server , MySql are the mostly used , but be prepared for questions on other databases if you are going to say u have worked on others  besides oracle .

2) what is sql and what is PL/SQL ?

SQL – structured query language which has a  a single line executable statement .

PL/SQL a super set of SQL enables a procedural langaue model where we can write multiple lines of SQL statements as a block.

3) how do you select the second largest salary from a table ?

using a rank function .

4) what is normalization ?

The process of decomposing tables to eliminate data redundancy is called Normalization. There are five normal forms . Google around for this .one of the irritating interview questions

5) difference between char and varchar ?

6) what is a trigger and why you need it , this can also be done bywriting the trigger code as a seperate function ?

7) what is a cursor and have you heard of REF – cursor ?

8) what is a index and when u need this . what are the different types ?

9) Difference between drop and truncate ?

10) what are the DML and DDL commands ?

11) what is a view and can we create a trigger for a view ?

12) do u know stored procedure, packages,functions ?

13) commit and rollback , savepoint ?

14) what is a package and what is UTIL ?

Package is used to group related objects like procedures , functions under one roof . UTIL is a package provided by oracle to extract or load file in oracle .


15) what  is decode and what is varray ?

Decode is a function which enables us to use it like IF >> THEN >> ELSE statement.


decode (’empname’,1000,’rich’



the above code will check empname column and will return as rich if the value is 1001 and return as poor if the value is 101 .


16)how to catch exception errors in oracle ?

In the exception block , use raise_application_error(errcode,’err message’) for user defined exceptions .


These are some of the important questions when answered the interviewer believes that the resource can be trained and deployed . Happy job hunting

Home and its beauty

When we choose a home , besides the locality and the legal procedures included in it . It’s very important to choose the interiors which will determine  our taste and make our home a better place for a family . Each and every individual have a different taste and hence the accessories should go with his/her aesthetic sense .

Bathrooms are one of the area that needs to be designed and maintained in a very good manner . when we choose out accessories like bathtubs,shower enclosures , bathroom tiles etc we should go for a store which provides a variety of designs so that we can choose the one which prefers our taste .

Besides the design it should be of good quality and easy to clean , because these are the accessories which are going to be used on a daily basis and hygiene is very important . Hence we should choose a store that has all these properties , one such store is betterbathrooms. The store  provides good quality and a wide range of bath accessories to choose from . Besides this there are also some great deals out there for you which can be  an added advantage . All products purchased through betterbathrooms have a very high reliable and genuine guarantee which is a boon to all its customers . Besides a user-friendly website enables us to choose the products of our choice with great ease .

Congress will be washed out of power in India

Congress party of  India will be wiped out of power at the next general assembly elections . The government faced embarrisment due to corrupt officials and leaders accross the party and its allies . The 2G scam being the No 1 positon , followed by adarsh , bofors etc . Attacks are striked right at the top most leaders of the party including the prime minister and the congress state president .

Best cheap stocks to buy 2010

The nifty at 4800 mark is very crucial , the levels may go till 4600 maximum . With the budget on the cards we can seee the nifty to go till 5100 in the coming month . This is the right time to get in to some stocks that has reached a alevel to enter safely . below are the best stocks to get in now and sell it once nifty reaches 5100 levels .

Share                 currrent price        target

Larsen & turbo      1400                     1600

tata steel                     700                      775

airtel                             900                      975

Below are the stocks that can be brought for long terms.

Cals refineries    0.54 ps           

sanra media        0.84 ps

Kingfisher airlines   51 Rs