Mumbai terror attack on 26th november


terror1The gateway of india was in blood on 26th november, when many indian were enjoing the blast of sehwag in the odi series . On the same night the terror blast rocked the business hub of india.

All premier landmarks came under attacks ,Taj hotel,oberoi hotel,Nariman point, central railway station ,Trident hotel.Blood was spashed in all parts of the city.Over 100 were killed and about 87 injured as of noe, many more hostages are there as well , we dont have the exact count , one or handred , its a human life that is under threat.

Shivraj Patil , a fancy minister who is more concerned in the dress he wears for media interviews rather thanthe matter he speaks. An irresponsible Intelligence Bureau and at last the coward Congress which takes pride in protecting terrorists have not yet commented on the situation. Will these blast atleast make congress to remove shivraj patil , not sure.

ATS chief hemant karkare and 10 other fellow collegues in the police force laid down theeir lives in the line of duty. Will their sacrifices will be answerd or will it end with 2 days of media hype. The terrorist came all through from pakistan in a boat till the gateway of india with arms , entered different parts of the city and took their posts, they were asking for US and UK nationals, the terrorist group is believed to be Deccan mujjahiddin. What is that these idiotic terrorists achieve in these, besides killing others and themselves


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