Chennai law college clash 12 th november in tamilnadu

     On november 12th , there was heavy clash between two rival grops of DR.ambedkar law college here in chennai .The students were heavily armed .  4 students are seriously injured and there condition is critical.

The cause for the clash is that the students are of two different communities.during a event some students have designed posters which never had Dr.Ambedkar name in it, which was the intial cause of the whole fight.

On wednesday afternoon when there semester exams are on ,a group of students already assembled with sticks, tubelights and iron rods .

Arumugam and Bharathi kannan of the rival group seeing their assembly , approached them with long knives . when both approached near the group , arumugam and bharathi kannan were trashed that they went unconscious . Yet the Groups rival thirst were not over , they kept beating the unconscious students with long sticks and large stones.

These students are worse than animals , and these guys are going to study law and protect the country , what fate the country will face . These students should be dismissed from there college and put behind bars if the college authorities are humans , if not they they too belong to the same  worse than animal race.  

And the police ofcourse being their counterpart never found anything unruly , they were more than happy to see the stunt , why is that they are assembled their may be to get a live view of the stunt . shame on the police . out of the four injured , bharathi kannan is too serious and fighting for life. Following these these their is great tension in coimbatore and madurai law college , may be even they want to prove they are also worse than animals.