Prabhakaran deadbody photo

Prabhakaran has been killed by srilankan forces yesterday.His body has been found today.prabhakaran deadUncertanity prevails whether he commited suicide or was killed by srilankan forces .

Srilanka is giving false information on the death . First the srilankan prime minister said that he has been killed while trying to flee. But . How come a guy trying to flee be in LTTE uniform carrying his ID cards .When these questions were arrised they backtrack saying he never tried to flee but was killed during fight . DNA tests have also been done it seems, how come so fast . Many thing it is a suicide by the LTTE leader . He gave his life for tamils in srilankan , let his soul rest in peace.

Bloodbath in srilanka says BBC

UN spokesman in Colombo Gordon Weiss has said the situation in Sri Lanka is critical and changing hour by hour.

He warned of a bloodbath and said it had become a truly terrible situation for civilians caught up in the conflict zone.

He was speaking as senior United Nations official, Vijay Nambiar, headed to Sri Lanka to press for an end to the fighting to try to resolve the growing humanitarian crisis