Gillchrist remarks on sachin

sachin vs gilly

sachin vs gilly


Gillchrist in his autobiography has called sachin a liar and a bad loser. The comments have created some sparks between the media and the cricket fanatic lovers of both countries . Gillchrist has referred these comments saying that australia have a tendency to  play hard and leave things on the ground but some of the opponents are not like that.

Gillchrist has also questioned the honesty of the indian player in the dramatic series in australia where in sachin had said he was not able to hear bhajji’s commenting on symonds as a monkey as he was far , but gilly finds it hard to believe .

Some indian media have questioned the time the release of such statements are being made ,australia was wipped off in the last match , india in a commanding position of 1-0 in the 4 match series with two more matches left. 

It will be quite intresting how things will take around in the coming matches, and now the rivalry between india and pakistan has taken a back seat with australia being the front runner against india. ponting vs ishant , symonds vs bhajji , zaheer vs brett lee . hope a great  match is ahead.


Gillchrist apologises to sachin

Under fire from millions of cricket fans across the world, Adam Gilchrist apologised to Sachin Tendulkar over his “liar”, “dishonest” and “bad sport” remarks. Gilchrist called up Sachin Tendulkar today and said sorry. Gilchrist also said that his comments were taken out of context.

He assured the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar that he will soon issue a clarification on this issue. Earlier, Gilchrist had called Sachin Tendulkar a “liar”, “dishonest”, “loser” and a “bad sport” in his soon-to-be published autobiography “True Colors of My Life” over the Harbhajan-Symonds controversy. Gilchrist’s remarks created a furore in India and abroad, forcing him to apologise.

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  1. realy saying “Sachin is rally a bad looser n a big liar”
    coz his value is ZERO as compare to GILLY,at least for honesty

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