Indian overseas bank probationary officer 2009results out

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Medical college scam chennai

Two well known medical colleges in tamilnadu has come under the scanner for demanding donations . This is a very well known fact that even a layman knows these days , but the state government and central government are reacting as if they never knew this . One of the college belongs to the DMK minister .Revenues are being shared by the Party as such which involves the big fish MR.karunanidhi the CM of tamilnadu.

This is a practice that goes on in every state . The first one to be caught is Jeppiar,even a engineering seat costs 6 lakhs here . The two medical colleges that were caught under the scanner are ramachandra medical college and balaji medical college….40 lakhs and 20 lakhs respectively for a medical seat .

Now the best thing is the state government has asked a explanation(money) from these colleges and has instituted a five meber panel to inspect (collect money) the colleges across the state .I bet you , you walk in a medical seat in ramachandra or a engineering seat in jeppiar…nothing would have changed and nothing will..because the CM , PM all are part of share holders.Some good coverage for Times now , so they are also benefited…Jai hind