Airline crew molested mumbai

Prakash inene a 24 yr old MBA student from hydrebad has been arrested on charges of molestation . Prakash was returning fron london to mumbai , when he did this great act . He has molested a airline crew , for which the international airline has lodged the complaint against prakash.

These guys when they go to work abroad they will be like dogs , but once been there are return , they think they are the boss and rest are chutiyas . Prakash and guys alike should be made to beg across the road as a punishment .

These are the so called educated stupids.


Great stupid Hero


Gopalaswamy demands chawla be removed from office

Chief election commisioner Gopalaswamy has demanded the removal of election commisioner chawla from office on allegations of partison. The CE and ECE are in logger heads . CEC has written three letters to the chawla . Gopalaswamys recommendations have been sent to the president (dump0) . She has forwarded it to the law ministry and Prime ministers recommendation .

The tiff between the election commisioners, have questioned the crediability of the elections and thereby the constitution . The allegation made by gopalaswamy was that chawla was biased .

Enthiran robot original stills from SSN college

robot rajni

Thalaivar listening his dialogue

enthiran still

thalaivar entry in our college(SSN)



hai solluraru


robot rajini

robot conference banner that we will see in the movie


rajini waiting for shankar to say action

aishwarya rai enthiran


Chennai boy burnt himself for tamil people in srilanka

R.muthukumaran aged 30 yrs  burnt himself at shastri bhavan , the heart of chennai government hospital , protesting the suffer the tamil people are facing in srilanka . He was rushed to the hospital nearby , but was succumbed to the injuries.

Muthukumaran was working as a DTP operator for a tamil magazine which was is run by PMK leader S.Ramdoss daughter. As he was working with the tamil magazine , he knew the real situation faced by tamil people in srilanka . He had set ablaze a day after pranab returned from srilanka, protesting the centre’s failure in stopping the war in srilanka .

Firing and hiring of 2oo8 campus recruits

Campus joinies of 2008  


The best company for a fresher , has recruited most of there students . They had informed tentative dates as january  in august 2008 and stuck to there dates .


Always great to be with this company , their value for customers and employees are great  . They had called the batches in september and their training is almost over.


Surprised everyone by there company results this year . CTS has the best results this year beating infy and tcs by a large gap . Has started recruiting and is doing it in batches . My college students went in october.

Mphasis EDS

They were the last one to come to campus in my college , but they have given joinings to all my college students . some went in december and the rest in jan . Again like CTS they had good results this year.


Have given tentative dates in the month of january and march , and heard from my friends that they have started calling  january batches , but they may differ from there calling by a month , like march batch will be called in april .Wipro recruits can be assured that they will get their calls before june 2009. SSn college students have got their training call on feb 18 in bangalore


No idea is the reply of the company’s HR , no tentative dates or anything of that sort . Guys in our college have started to look at some other jobs.hope they will call by june 2009.


No intimation , similar to caritor , but students say they will be called up soon .


And here comes the big daddy of all . All those who are placed in this company are having the tuffest time of all . The thing is they started elearning(home based training) , split into 3 phases by the month of august which carried on for 3-4 months . After that there is a practical training(4th phase) for which , the student is supposed to pay 23000 rs and join a course at a center said by HCL, a center like NIIT , take a certification as said by HCL ,like CCNA,MCP . IF he never clears the certification in the first attempt he has to pay 11000 rs for his second attempt . After certified he is supposed to take a exit test done by HCL. if he clears the exit test , he is in and his 23000 rs(only the first attempt) will be given back . If he fails to clear either the certification nor the exit test , he is out and the 23000 is not paid. There are batches who passed there exit test and still waiting for joining more than 3 months . For some the elearning process is yet to start , for some it is done till 2nd phase, for some till 3rd phases , for some till 4th phase . Campus mails are not replied , the automated reply that they get is , your training is in batches and it will be informed , please tune to your mail box regularly . This is the reply since august that they get .Hope these guys get in .


Please comment on the information you know about other companies or the companies said above . As things are different for every college.

Obamas first Arab tv interview since office

Obama in his first ever interview in the arab league selected al arabiya network , which is owned by a saudi business men . Al arabiya has a strong viewership accross the arab world. George W Bush had given several interviews to the network.

The main intension of obama in the interview was to get closer to the muslim community . He had said that most of his childhood was spent in a muslim predominany place in indonesia and that he would like to say the americams that ” muslims are some extraordinary people who live simple and want there children to live better ” and told te muslims that ” americans are not our enemies”

Obamas main concentration was on the israel gaza conflict . obama told the channel that israel will remain a key ally of united states and the situation is ripe for both sides to negotiate and resolve the issue . He went to the extent in saying that he has told his envoy ” to start by listening , because all too often united states started by dictating ” . Obamas views were welcomed by several hamas leaders , that they said some signs of positive notes are visible from united states.

Will Googles Gdrive eliminate Hard disks

google-gdriveGoogle is seriously working on the Gdrive which could eliminate the hard disk that we use . Gdrive is a means by which users can store their files online instead of in there hard disks . The main advantage of the Gdrive would be that users can connect to there files from any computer in the world provided they have a internet connection.

The Gdrive is expected to be released in 2009 . With the launch of gdrive google has taken cloud computing to a new level by providing online storage for users