Mayawati gives gangster a poll ticket

mayawati Mayawati known for her gangster and money power has added Mukhtar Ansari, the controversial politician accused of an MLA’s murder, as its Lok Sabha candidate for Varanasi. Mayawati is in search for more party workers like ansari who can bribe her money . Not sure what is that she is going to do with it . Only recently one of her MLA killed a engineer for not paying money for his party chief mayawati .

Ansari is currently in the Gazipur jail in connection with the murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai . He is a suspect in over two dozen criminal cases including murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, extortion, robbery and land grabbing.His brother Afzal, who represents Gazipur constituency in Lok Sabha, is an accused in the Rai murder case and was released on bail recently . What a family , best suited to be with Mayawati . No doubt if we people will elect her as the prime minister

Judd greg withdraws from Obama’s camp

President Barack Obama is nearing a big victory in Congress on his $790 billion stimulus package, but the fight for the plan set back his attempts at bipartisanship as his Republican choice for commerce secretary withdrew his nomination Thursday.

“Obviously the President requires a team that is fully supportive of all his initiatives,” Gregg said in a statement. “I greatly admire President Obama and know our country will benefit from his leadership, but at this time I must withdraw my name from consideration for this position.” He added: “As a further matter of clarification, nothing about the vetting process played any role in this decision. I will continue to represent the people of New Hampshire in the United States Senate.”

“Bottom line,” he concluded, “this is simply a bridge too far for me.”

Obamas first Arab tv interview since office

Obama in his first ever interview in the arab league selected al arabiya network , which is owned by a saudi business men . Al arabiya has a strong viewership accross the arab world. George W Bush had given several interviews to the network.

The main intension of obama in the interview was to get closer to the muslim community . He had said that most of his childhood was spent in a muslim predominany place in indonesia and that he would like to say the americams that ” muslims are some extraordinary people who live simple and want there children to live better ” and told te muslims that ” americans are not our enemies”

Obamas main concentration was on the israel gaza conflict . obama told the channel that israel will remain a key ally of united states and the situation is ripe for both sides to negotiate and resolve the issue . He went to the extent in saying that he has told his envoy ” to start by listening , because all too often united states started by dictating ” . Obamas views were welcomed by several hamas leaders , that they said some signs of positive notes are visible from united states.

DMK threatens to pull out from UPA

Great comodies are taking place here in tamilnadu . First it was thirumavalavan (viduthalai siruthai katchi chief) who staged a fast . He holded on for 3 days and called of his fast by the request of PMK chief ramdoss .
what is the outcome of the fast , nothing . These guys want to put a stage and gain some cheap popularity on the name of srilankan tamils.

Thirumavalam had great plans , his timing of fast was that menon after visitng the srilankan prime minster would brief the tamilnadu chief minister , who inturn will ask thirumavalavan to withdraw his fast . But everyone was left ashamed as menon , after landing in chennai airport after the meeting with srilankan prime minister never came out of the airport and left to delhi without meeting the chief minister MR.Karunanidhi .Thirumavalavan had no choice , but to ask ramdoss who is a better actor to help him out . Guys growup , still keeping on to the old formula.
And now its karunanidhi , just 2 months ago we all remember that karunanidhi said that his minister would withdraw from UPA , if ceasefire in srilankan is not implemented , only then there was intense firing from the srilankan army , great drama was unfolding , kanimozhi , chief ministers daughter submitted resignation to chief minster as if she doesn’t know the wat resignations are done . Kanimozhi is still holding her MP seat . Now again karunanidhi makes another threat .

Obama swears in as president

The inauguration is the formal ceremony marking the transfer of power between US presidents. The only eventus capitol building mandated by the US constitution that has to happen for a new president to assume office is the swearing-in before noon on January 20th. It takes about a minute. All the other trappings – the speech, parade, balls, music, and a luncheon – have appeared over time and become tradition.

The events reflect the personality of the new president. This year’s inauguration will be four days of official and unofficial festivities in and around Washington starting on Sunday. During a time of economic and world crisis, having a four-day party may seem out of touch, but the Obamas want to celebrate their popularity and signal a changing of the guard. 

Around two and four million people are expected to turn out on January 20, 2009 to see Barack Obama sworn in as the 44th president of the US. The record crowd may fill the city of Washington, from the Capitol building all the way down the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, a distance of nearly 3km.

LTTE Base captured by srilankan army

LTTE administrative headquarters Killinochi is believed to be captured by the srilankan army camp . Prabhakaran issri-map said to be hiding there , intense field search  leader .The UN team left the place last tuesday as the srilankan army had said that it could not guarantee the UN staffs lives .

Killinochi had been governed by the LTTE , they have police station , court and a resturant all governed by the LTTE . So the capture of this place is a strong achievement for srilankan army .

Is this liberation or terrorism . The tamil minority as it is said was the original inhabitants of the territory . Singhalese are said to be migrants who inhibited the territory . After years  singhalese population grew much larger than the tamils there and gradually all government jobs and other important portfolios were headed by Singalese . The tamils felt ignored in their own home land which led to the formation of liberation tigers .  Srilankan tamils are said to have more tradition than the tamils in tamilnadu .

Karunanidhi and marans patch up

A huge political development in Tamil Nadu has taken everyone by surprise. The estranged Maran brotherskaruna have finally patched up with the family of their granduncle DMK chief M Karunanidhi. DMK president and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, accompanied by his family members, on Monday met his estranged grand nephews Kalanidhi Maran and his brother Dayanidhi in Chennai.

The Marans had fallen out with Karunanidhi’s elder son Azhagiri after they had published a controversial survey on the DMK chief’s successor. Soon after, Dayamidhi Maran had to resign as the Union Telecom Minister in May last year. On Monday, they finally made peace. But the DMK chief says he has not though about Dayanidhi Maran’s re-induction into the Union Cabinet.

The family members of Karunanidhi, including his second son M K Azhagiri, who was reportedly opposed to any patch-up efforts with Maran brothers, were present in the meeting at which the Marans had explained their position. Karunanidhi later told reporters that the initiative for the meeting came from Azhagiri, the Madurai-based elder son and his brother and Local Administration Minister M K Stalin.

During the past one year, both the families were locked in a bitter fight after the death of Murasoli Maran. The differences came to the surface when Maran Brothers owned Dinakaran, a Tamil newspaper, published a survey, projecting Stalin as a political successor to Azhagiri.

With karuna’s family venturing into film productions , they need sun networks publicity and with DMK facing heat from the public for worst ever current cuts , they need sun network to face the elections. Sun tv had been telecasting all the wrong doings of the DMK party.

Karunanidhi should be ashamed of himself , for dancing to the tunes of his elder son Azhagiri .