Director Ram gopal varma in taj with CM and his son on a tour

What else you can expect from the chief minister who took director ramu and his son on a tour to see the

director ramu

director ramu

debacle in taj . Though there cant be anything seriously wrong in doing so , but it does irritates the people around , why the hell he needs to do that .

Director ramu told that ” i had a sudden invitation from the CM to visit the taj , and i dont have any idea to make a film on this tragedy” .Who ever sees the footage in television will be irritated as i am right now , CM goes arond the taj with his son and the director .

Cricket and Mumbai terror

Cricket which is considered as a religion in india will have great influence in healing the the terror impact ,13fan that has brought fear among the mumbaikars . After  the great victories india had against england , the indian people where in great joy , which was followed by the deadly blast that rocked that rocked the people in india.

The impact this blast has had in india is huge as the series of england was on . England has refused to carry on the tour and has flown back home . The much publised champions league has been postponed . The Test series with england is in trouble .Now it will be intresting to see how BCCI is going to handle the situation.

BCCI has to convince the England side to tour india for the test series . Earlier some indian seniors had expressed that they wont be touring to pakistan for the coming pakistan series . Now BCCI has to ask england to come here and india should visit pakistan , which is a triangular hurdle for BCCI. Earlier when southafrica had left srilanka in the miidle of the series , india stayed back . The sub continent shows more resilence to terror than the west , as the sub continent is used to witness terror in regular intervals.

Mumbai locals helped the Terrorist – Azam Amir Kasab

untitled3Azam Amir Kasab, the only Pakistani terrorist nabbed alive, has revealed names and addresses of at least five people from the city who helped the terror operation.Sources said that help like, providing shelter, taking them around and showing places, passing information on police stations and nakabandhis were given by these locals.Joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria said,”We suspect there could be local assistants but it is subject to verification. It will be very premature to comment on this at this
stage as our investigations is going on.Kasab has told police that they were sent with a specific mission of targeting Israelis to  avenge atrocities on Palestinians. This was why they targetted Nariman House, a complex meant for Israelis. Sources said Kasab’s colleagues killed in the operation had stayed in Nariman House earlier.”They have stayed in Nariman house on rental basis identifying themselves  as Malaysian students.” said a source. Police are trying to find out how Nariman House rooms were given to non-Jews. Police has taken all the records books of for verification. The second target was the CST railway station because casualties would be high.

Israeli Boy Moshe Orphaned By Terrorist


A two-year-old Israeli boy, who was waiting for two days to be reunited with his parents Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka Holtzberg on his birthday on Friday, will never see them again.

The bodies of the parents were found by the Commandos of the National Security Guards who stormed the Nariman House in south Mumbai killing the two holed-up terrorists on Friday evening thus, ending the hostage crisis.

The death of the couple was also confirmed by the director of American Friends of Lubavitch, Rabi Levi Shemtov, following uncertainty over the identity of those killed in the building. The baby Moshe Tzvi had been taken out by his nanny yesterday when the terrorists stormed into the Nariman House in south Mumbai which houses one of the biggest Jewish centre in the city.

The baby’s second birthday was on Friday but the grand parents, who flew from Israel after the hostage crisis began, decided to put off celebrations in the hope of celebrating it all together with their children. The grand parents, Shimon and Yehudit Rosenberg, who arrived in Mumbai met their grand son after driving directly to the Nariman building from the airport.

“Moshe was supposed to celebrate his second birthday on Friday, but the family decided to postpone the celebration because of the difficult events,” they told ‘Ynet’.

Dawood Involved In Mumbai Terror Attack

dawood_ibrahimA Colaba-based businessman, suspected to be henchman of underworld don Dawood Ibrahim ,
handed over arms and explosives to the Lashkar e Tayiba terrorists for carrying out the attacks on Mumbai, in what is emerging as the first major joint operation by the Karachi-based gangster and the banned outfit, official sources said in Mumbai. Ajmal Amin, the only terrorist arrested during the operation, told interrogators that the dozen ultras who sailed from Karachi had come to Sassoon Dock from where they were taken first to Cuff Parade and later to the Gateway of India in boats arranged by a frontman of Dawood, who runs several custom clearing houses in Mumbai, the sources claimed.

The Mumbai police and central security agencies have launched a massive manhunt for the businessman considered to be a henchman of Dawood, who has been listed as a global terrorist having links to the Al Qaeda by the United States.

Investigation leads in mumbai

Terrific news is being floated across from the confession of the arrested terrorist , Azad ameer qasab a 21 year old pakistani national.

Following are the informations received so far

15 terrorists came in ,they started on 21st in a karachi ship, got arms and ammuniations from a pakistan ship believed to be dawoods vessel.
On reaching the indian coast , they got in to a boat named kuber , killed 4 fishermens in the boat and moved to the gateway of india in the kuber boat.
2 batches landed in gateway, split in to 5 batches there after.
Target was to kill 5000 lives and to blow up Taj hotel.
They were trained for about a year in arms handling and maritime terrorism.
They had Blackberry , which helps them in navigation.
Terrorist were heavily druged.
Trained in Muzzafarabad , PoK.
They had Mauritius national proofs,told as students and checked in taj before the attacks , stored arms and ammuniations in the room.(who checked and the date is not yet known).
Yemeni terrorist are believed to be involved.
Dawood is also believed to be involved.
IP address of deccan mujahidden has been traced outside inside.
Scotland yard personnel , members from U.K , U.S are helping india in investigation leads.

More informations yet to come

How Azam Ameer Qasab was captured

On wednesday night mumbai saw the how terror moved freely in the city , 2 terrorist azam ameer qasab and ismael khan were on killing spree .The two terrorist went to chatrapati shivaji terminus railwway station and started firing indiscriminately at around 9.30 pm.

Police reached the spot , and the terrorist took there positions behinf the coach and started firing at the police, they threw hand grenades at the advancing force . Once the police force got intensified the duo headed to a street towards cama hospital , Unfortunately karkare,ashok kante and salaskar came in the same lane in a official Qualis vehicle.

The terrorist seeing the police vehicle went behind the tree and started firing at the vehicle , the terrorist approached the vehicle and found that all three were dead, they pulled the bodies out and headed towards vidhan bhavan. It was here that the vehicles wheel got punchered and the terrorist had to abandon the vehicle, they approached a skoda vehicle , threatened those in and took the skoda car driving it to marine drive.

On reaching girguam chowpatty at around 12.30 am on thursday , barricades were placed and the nearby police force from D B marg station blocked the vehicle , and firing took place between them . In the shoot out one sub inspector tukuram gopal died . Khan , one of the terrorist was killed and Qasab was held alive, the only hope to resolve the mumbai blast.