Congress will be washed out of power in India

Congress party of  India will be wiped out of power at the next general assembly elections . The government faced embarrisment due to corrupt officials and leaders accross the party and its allies . The 2G scam being the No 1 positon , followed by adarsh , bofors etc . Attacks are striked right at the top most leaders of the party including the prime minister and the congress state president .


3 Responses

  1. Powerful washing powders have been used to evict Congress from power. Who will believe if the media raise scam alarm every day?.

    Whatever the governement does is a scam. A 100 crore building can create a 2700 crore scam? The media is crazy ? What they think of people. Fools ? How can you get a zero paise per second tariff on mobile if there is a scam ?

  2. The magnitude of the scam can be hyped by the media and the opposition parties , but the silence of the party leadership (Honerable PM and sonia gandhi) certainly says its not just any other scam.Again its my personal views .

  3. There is no silence from the government side. The opposition is not ready to discuss the issues in parliament. The whole issue is based on a stolen or leaked paper from CAG. Even yesterday the same thing happened. First of all no body in the opposition knows what is a 2G. Secondly they are afraid of the live telecast of parliament. What they will do in JPG ?

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