Chennai law college clash 12 th november in tamilnadu

     On november 12th , there was heavy clash between two rival grops of DR.ambedkar law college here in chennai .The students were heavily armed .  4 students are seriously injured and there condition is critical.

The cause for the clash is that the students are of two different communities.during a event some students have designed posters which never had Dr.Ambedkar name in it, which was the intial cause of the whole fight.

On wednesday afternoon when there semester exams are on ,a group of students already assembled with sticks, tubelights and iron rods .

Arumugam and Bharathi kannan of the rival group seeing their assembly , approached them with long knives . when both approached near the group , arumugam and bharathi kannan were trashed that they went unconscious . Yet the Groups rival thirst were not over , they kept beating the unconscious students with long sticks and large stones.

These students are worse than animals , and these guys are going to study law and protect the country , what fate the country will face . These students should be dismissed from there college and put behind bars if the college authorities are humans , if not they they too belong to the same  worse than animal race.  

And the police ofcourse being their counterpart never found anything unruly , they were more than happy to see the stunt , why is that they are assembled their may be to get a live view of the stunt . shame on the police . out of the four injured , bharathi kannan is too serious and fighting for life. Following these these their is great tension in coimbatore and madurai law college , may be even they want to prove they are also worse than animals.


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  1. whats ur call, students should be dismissed and put behind bars

  2. The persons who are indulged in these type of cruel as well as animal activities should be punished severely. They should not continue their studies. They are not lawyers , they are only layers. India need not these type kind of layers.

  3. the law college student must be punished heavily

  4. All the students covered by Photos and images should be identified and punished severely with imprisonment.they will not be allowed fo any colloeges in india for higher education
    They have to be suspended urgently

  5. Great to see the future lawyers of the country in ACTION ! Bravo ! that why India is still several years away from being a CIVILIZED nation, no doubt why still the world treat was no different from Iraq, Afghanistan ,Pakistan and Sudan… we still are core to core barbaric, corrupt, super super hypocrite and absolute uncivilized. If this is what layers do and if that whats the administration take action, its high time that Indians should abandon India. I am sure very very very sure that even in the coming 100 years, India will still be like that, if not worst.

    all tags of booming economy, super educated south indians, fail-proof laws are all shit and fake, its still a country of ABSOLUTE NONSENSE, IDIOTS and BARBARIC NOMADS.

  6. The first thing that should have been done is that the Law Minister of India MUST resign, followed by the CM/Tamilnadu and the supreme court Chief Justice.
    Followed that the Police(idiot nuts) should have been prosecuted and condemned for at least 20 years of prison failing to maintain the law & duty for which these nonsense were really recruited and paid salary.

    Alas ! none of this will happen in “MODERN INDIA”, a few ACP ranked officers will be TRANSFERRED (that’s the INDIAN version of rigorous punishment!!!)from one unit to another, and few constable will be suspended(after a few months they will be bought back following the local Police association lobby!!). Ofcourse none of the Bloody future lawmakers(who are redoubtably worst than criminals) will be banned for their life.. those monks will still continue to complete their course with flying colors, get LLB degree, and someday become law minister or supreme court judges !!!
    Isn’t all these make INDIA an ideal RECIPE to label as BEST CIVILIZED country of this world!! That’s the reason why rapes, murder and dishonesty has became a part of everyday India. Does anyone sees hope?? Not at all coz the very backbone is so badly screwed that its gone irreversible.
    Anyway Congrats the future lawyers for your excellent effort to keep high the Indian name and morale!! just ask yourselves…. ARE you even deserved to be called as an ANIMAL ??? English need to discover news words to describe gems like you ! Keep it up and kill India…. Bravo

  7. Wat a shame to our contry i heard the news and wanted to know moore about the three guys who were brutally beaten by the law students who are the law breakers ………… first and foremost the law in india is not good enough ……….. just giving a silly reason that to enter law college permission is required this is surely not acceptable ………….. and look at the pride the students have after beating those 4 students to death ……….. policeman should take the help of the media to get the photographs and chase all those who attacked the other 4 and hang them without giving any kind of respect to them.

    People look at other countries if these kind of things happen in Law College just imagine the fate of india in the future coming years

  8. I believe that

    Today’s Students are leaders of tomorrow

    The Caste System introduced in Education and Employment with good intentions is receiving its expected slash backs. The reason is allowing under performing students and students of bad ethics, Bad morale, Mis Conduct, Criminal history to get admitted in the Indian Schools just because they fall under certain caste.

    The Score and ranks of these Students has less to do with their Admission to a college or Employment with Sate and Central Govt.

    This allows Law breakers , Criminals, rapists, murderers , Corrupt ,boot legers and rowdies to become a lawyer , judges , Collectors ,Engineers, Doctors, Politicians or a ministers.

    The Regulations in the Educational System has to be changed such that Economically down trodden people are given more priority than the Caste .

    A Student whose father has already used the reservation scheme and presently serving as a Administrative officer or Judge or Affluent Should be upgraded to a Forward community such that his sons or daughter has to use the regular Merit system.

    This would avoid a Student who is spoiled sprat, pampered drug addicts and son of a
    District judge or an Administrative officer to enter as a Student using reservation system.
    At the same time responsibility would be sowed in the kids mind and will be aware that reservation is not our herditory property but oneday come to an end.
    This will also enable the other students of the same sect to seek admission.

    If a Backward , Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe uses this scheme and avails admission to the degree course followed by employment he or she should be upgraded to a Socially upward community and his sons and daughters will no more be able to use the reservations system.

    If the reservation system is not revamped by giving emphasis on Economically downtrodden people irrespective of caste but Merits these kind of barbaric activities cna can be totally avoided.

    Otherwise we will see and bear more this in the future.

    The good news is this is happening on the campus within themselves. This is a Blessing in disguise. If these guys are not given admission based on the Merit and performance then the whole India and the world will be watching You tube videos of the same students fighting on the streets endangering the public which is further not welcome as we are all geared to face a global Economy to create a harmonious world.

    Last but not the least. Reservation is an allowance for the people who are deprived in the past centuries. It is not a Hereditary property. Indians across the globe has to realize this and wake up so that we stop further more damage to our country.

    I am deeply sad about this Scenario in India and makes me think to write

    Today’s Law Breakers of India are tomorrow’s lawmakers of India.

    A.Shankar Rao
    San Francisco

  9. Please read like this

    “If the reservation system is revamped by giving emphasis on Economically downtrodden people irrespective of caste but Merits these kind of barbaric activities can be totally avoided.”

  10. come on Shankar,you are speaking about india , where politicians are very much bothered about dalit and backward class votes , rather than the community uplift . you can expect the reservation to go up to 99% , as 100% is not possible i hope. In a recent survey it was found that most of the reservation candidates in IIM’s quit in the first year because they were not able to cope up with the syllabus , no politician cares whether the students really make use of the oppurtunity,they need some reservation to implement and speak about it in stages and get votes .My own friends who are financially very rich still enjoy the reservations where as the guy who studys hard and is poor suffers because of the caste politics.

    India will improve only when a dalit prime minister is elected without any alliance and he should have the guts to speak the truth that reservations will be adaptable only to those who are economically backward , what ever caste they may be .

    Neither of these is going to happen………. Jai hind

  11. In this case you guys are just looking at the tip of the iceberg. Please look at the atrocities started by the Hindu Criminal Terrorist Stuents first in college. Don’t just blame on the Poor Dalit student just because someone from your caste is seriously affected. You guys talk as if this is very new in India. Communal clash in india is every where, recent example is sivasena killing Biharies in bombay. There is a limit for everything, this is exactly what was expected to happen if you keep on treating the dalits as a disugsted human being. Enough is Enough.

  12. common friend(Brother says), i personally dont think any one here is commenting because the students are of any ones caste and i am not of the either caste that was involved in the clashes . Anyone who has humanity in him wont justify the incident , even after seeing the vedio .

    I had expressed the same feelings when a dalit family was burned in orrisa by the upper caste .Deprived should get justice which ever caste he is of , u cant say that since he is a upper caste guy , let him get the beating . If u are going to say so, then u r commiting the same mistake which upper caste guys have did and are doing .

    And friend i dont know why u bring in hindu extremist , sivasena here .No one here will ever support these guys i believe . As i have said earlier who ever commits a crime, hindu or muslim , upper caste or lower caste should be punished. Whats your view on this

  13. If proven guilty, Put them behind bars, their degrees should be stripped off, any lawyers trying to defend them should be stripped off their degree and profession.

  14. Too much democracy is also a problem. I remember around 10 years ago Student elections were disbanded with in Mumbai. I think the same should be done.

  15. i m surprized. all the students are very rude and behaving like a animal really

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