Bharathi Kannan- Provocative Poster -Ambedkar College Clash-Chennai



Fresh set of wall posters with the law college named without the prefix ‘Dr Ambedkar,’ appeared at various places in the city, particularly around the college campus, once again on Friday, two days after Dalits and Backward Class students fought a pitched battle, triggered by a dispute over some posters carrying the college name in the same fashion — as ‘Government Law College’.

The new posters were, however, to demand the arrest of those who attacked the BC students, K R Bharathi Kannan and K Arumugham, while the old posters were put up in connection with the ‘Thevar Jayanthi’ celebrations on October 30. The wording in the posters were independently provocative — K R Bharathi Kannan, K Arumugam yandra irandu singangalai koduramaka thaakiya jaathi veriyarkal … (Caste chauvinists who brutally attacked the two lions K R Bharathi Kannan and A Arumugham should…) — and was not considered good reason for the police to act.

The newly appointed City Police Commissioner K Radhakrishnan told Express that it was mandatory for political parties and social organisations to obtain permission from the police before putting up posters. “The one that has appeared in and around the law college was unlawful, and I will immediately intensify police patrolling in the city,’’ he added.


5 Responses

  1. What is the big mistake in ommiting ambekar’s name..stop posting such posts

  2. Me as a author haven’t stated in my column that omiting ambedkars name is a mistake

  3. Its deliberate ommision..

  4. Good post..Its high time that people realise the discrimination against dalits are on a rise again and its not good for the country.Strong law has to be brought in to punish these perpertrators..The higher caste discriminate the Backward caste and they do it to dalits…

    The college name has to remain Ambedkar college..and those against it shudnt join it…

  5. inthe 2 nabarkalaiyum thakkia anth koduramana manitharkalai kandikkatha intha arasukku (dmk) naanga intha elcetion la vachutomla aappu.
    then mavatathil miga athigamana idankalil intha dmk arasai thorkadippom.

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