Thevar Dalit Conflict – Ambedkar College – Chennai

This was a Thevar-Dalit conflict. The provocation for the violence was a poster that was printed and distributed on the occasion of Thevar Jayanthi by a group of Thevar students. But they committed an error: the name of the college was mentioned as “Government Law College,” leaving out the name of Dr. Ambedkar, which was interpreted as an insult to Dr. Ambedkar. Though the tempers were running high for a few days, the college authorities did little to contain the situation.

Though the State Government has suspended the police officials for breach of duty, it does not seem to send away the message that every time a student is beaten, action are to be taken against the erring policemen. A far better way to contain the violence is the prompt action from the police whereby they could save the hapless victims, rather than waiting and watching the ugly situation go out of hand.

Meanwhile, the State Government has set up a one-member Commission of Inquiry set to look into the incident; the immediate measure is to ensure law and order in the campus.

The police, said sources, had information that a group of boys from one community, carrying “logs and pipes”, were lying in wait outside the exam hall. Worse, college principal K.M. Sridev, who was suspended on Thursday, was told by the intelligence wing on November 1 that the two groups were bracing for a showdown, a source claimed.


5 Responses

  1. “The last will be the first and the first will be the last”.

  2. Whats in a name. In my college days our college name “Sir M Vishweshwariah Government college of Engineering” was many a times referred to as ‘Governmert Engineering College”. And no one complained. These people should get some thinking going and not be mindless cult worshpphers of ambedkar.

  3. two lions are attacked by a group of bitches untolerable……..

  4. eh… really like it 🙂

  5. dalit sunni

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