Prabhakaran deadbody photo

Prabhakaran has been killed by srilankan forces yesterday.His body has been found today.prabhakaran deadUncertanity prevails whether he commited suicide or was killed by srilankan forces .

Srilanka is giving false information on the death . First the srilankan prime minister said that he has been killed while trying to flee. But . How come a guy trying to flee be in LTTE uniform carrying his ID cards .When these questions were arrised they backtrack saying he never tried to flee but was killed during fight . DNA tests have also been done it seems, how come so fast . Many thing it is a suicide by the LTTE leader . He gave his life for tamils in srilankan , let his soul rest in peace.


4 Responses

  1. a man who lives by the sword shall die by it

  2. All Tamil are LTTE,they try to divide india and a separate country ,i stayed nearly 8 years in tamilnadu they more and more biased,partial and selfish.during this recession many tamil manager are removing other state employee in IT sector but they will not do harm for a tamilian.its very bad as indian we should think equal for everybody since all are human can see the IT company which is tamilnadu(chennai) its very difficult to survive ,famous prove is there
    TCS-Tamil consultancy service(60% Tamil Only)
    CTS-chennai Tamil Service(90% Tamil )
    working in these company.
    At every every step of my life in tamilnadu i tried to comporomise with tamil people but they not like human kind.
    There also i found some tamil(2 out of 10) are good enough to mingle but reset 8 are have wolf nature.


  3. If you find it difficult in tamil nadu then u cant survive in any other state….i have worked in karnataka,andhra,noida,delhi and goa…..there its 99% biased…u know that better than me.

  4. you idiot u dont know abt tamil nadu and tamils .they r well known for generosity.see many north indian actors and many north indians r in tamil nadu bcoz of their profession and business. they r all welcomed open heartedly .tamil nadu superstar itself north indian(marathi).he was recognised by tamils.but see northindian people selfished ,jealousy,narrow minded they never accept other people especially south indians.for eg raj thackeray in maharastra.but tamils will always recognise the people who have talents and skills.although i am not tamil i stayed there for my education i can understand ther generosity.just shut up ur mouth and start strain ur dirts from ur head man

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