Russel Pookutty fought with danny in sloumdog

russelRussel pookutty , oscar award winner said that he would have been crying know had the slumdog team not invited him to rejoin the team . Russel pookutty once walked out of slumdog millionaire after having a heated argument with danny as he never gave much importance to sound .

Later danny had called him and asked him to rejoin the team . 36 year old Pookutty hails from a small village in kerala . His father was a bus conductor , cinema was far from his mind, and Pookutty tried his hands at many things. He reared domestic animals, sold milk, later took tuition’s to finance college, tried clearing the medical exam and later enrolled for LLB.

But sound was something he was interested very much in , which made him to apply for the Pune Film and Television Institute . Pookutty is an inspiration for many of us . Wishing him all the best in his future endeavours.


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