Mayawati gives gangster a poll ticket

mayawati Mayawati known for her gangster and money power has added Mukhtar Ansari, the controversial politician accused of an MLA’s murder, as its Lok Sabha candidate for Varanasi. Mayawati is in search for more party workers like ansari who can bribe her money . Not sure what is that she is going to do with it . Only recently one of her MLA killed a engineer for not paying money for his party chief mayawati .

Ansari is currently in the Gazipur jail in connection with the murder of BJP MLA Krishnanand Rai . He is a suspect in over two dozen criminal cases including murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, extortion, robbery and land grabbing.His brother Afzal, who represents Gazipur constituency in Lok Sabha, is an accused in the Rai murder case and was released on bail recently . What a family , best suited to be with Mayawati . No doubt if we people will elect her as the prime minister

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  1. Very sad news from any kind of political party. Anna Hazare is right. We need his success of his movement.

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