Tamilnadu college strike on srilanka issue

The chief secretary of state K.S.Sripathy has ordered an indefinite closure of colleges across tamilnadu until a complete cease fire is on in srilanka. This reaction came after state wide protest held after muthukumaran set ablaze himself in chennai . There is severe information received from the intelligence sources that the state government must act tough or else they will be serious effect in the upcoming elections.

There was a similar closure in 1965 , an anti hindi agitation which rocked tamilnadu and had colleges closed for 3 months. On this strike students from five colleges are in indefinite hunger strike and there are road blockages in support of the eelam tamils in srilankan.

The college authurities have asked the students to vacate the hostels as a safety precaution that may unfold of the crisis .


3 Responses

  1. I am a college student from chennai. Do you see the colleges opening in the near future?? I mean this semister, I do not see a lot of free room to accomodate such stretch of leave in colleges as the sem is a short sem.

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  2. when will be college re opened

  3. hai hari and shetal the colleges most probably will be opened on feb 9th….well will update once i have any concete information

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