IS Slumdog millionaire worth the praise it has with indians

Slumdog millionaire has received a great welcome from the people of the west as the film portrays the underbelly of india . But what is that with those in mumbai , they seem to enjoy the film as much as those in the west . Slums are there in large extent in mumbai and all across india , which no one is going to defend if he has common sense .

Anyone who has read the novel Q&A written by vikas swarup on which the film is based, and seen the movie wouldn’t justify the film .Danny boyle is clever to use only the essence he required to showcase india as a underbelly to his people in the west . Joining them are some stupid idiots from india proudly saying its a indian film . What is that they are proud in , does the film showcase india as a developed country or are the technicians of film making from india . Besides the music director and the sound engineer there is nothing indian in it nor does the film.

The film shows a guy who has won a popular game show becomes the national hero ,  c’mon in which world are you . How many of us know the name or cherished when the first person won the corerpati show , most people from south never even watch the show , it portrays mumbai as whole india and slums as whole mumbai . Anyone who showcases mumbai , will show the marine drive but danny never shows it as if those in slums never go to the marine drive .

Dannyboyle’s technical work should be appreciated ,the music team should be appreciated , but an indian taking pride in the film is shame .


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