Obamas first Arab tv interview since office

Obama in his first ever interview in the arab league selected al arabiya network , which is owned by a saudi business men . Al arabiya has a strong viewership accross the arab world. George W Bush had given several interviews to the network.

The main intension of obama in the interview was to get closer to the muslim community . He had said that most of his childhood was spent in a muslim predominany place in indonesia and that he would like to say the americams that ” muslims are some extraordinary people who live simple and want there children to live better ” and told te muslims that ” americans are not our enemies”

Obamas main concentration was on the israel gaza conflict . obama told the channel that israel will remain a key ally of united states and the situation is ripe for both sides to negotiate and resolve the issue . He went to the extent in saying that he has told his envoy ” to start by listening , because all too often united states started by dictating ” . Obamas views were welcomed by several hamas leaders , that they said some signs of positive notes are visible from united states.


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