Joe biden threatens pakistan on airstrikes

joe-biden With the new administration coming into power under barack obama , pakistan is facing stiff from the united states . united states have already started air strikes on alqaeda camps . The new tactics of the united states is to strike first and then inform pakistan establishment as it is believed that informing pakistan before strike , is often being leaked by the pakistan agencies to alqeada.

Asif ali zardari is in a dilemma as the only thing he is used to is to get commissions . He is caught between hardliners demands and us attacks . with biden strong comments pakistan had to react , and it did it the right way by saying we have a powerfull ally china. Joe biden has clearly stated that ” US will launch air strikes at FATA region provided they have high intelligence on alqeada presence” .

Several damaat groups have threatened asif ali zardari that US is exploiting the weak government in pakistan .there are brothers are being killed in afghanistan for being alqeada activists which is treated good by several jamaats . Does pakistan consider alqaeda as terror or not is the real question , unless this is answered by pakistan neither the country or others surrounding them will ever improve.


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