Mangalore girls in pub beaten

amnesia-pub-attack Around 40 shiv ram sena and bajrang dal activists in the name of moral policing entered a pub named amnesia  in balmata road and attacked the girls in the pub . About 5 girls were beaten and chased away from the pub , 2 girls are being hospitalised .Reports also suggest that the girls were molested by the activities . staff members and those men who accompanied the girl were attacked when they came to the rescue of the girls.

On saturday 4pm 2 men of a activities group approached the front desk and enquired about what is happening in the pub , soon after around 40 men approached the pub and started attacking the women . Activist claimed that the pub were entertaining guest with drugs .

Activista claimed that these women were against tradition and that these were hindu girls who were trying to get closer to muslim men . Activists also accused of serving liquor to women . Out of those 40 men who attaked these girls only 3 has been caught till now . Shri ram sena is a part of Sangh parivar group.

8 Responses

  1. I hope they are all arrested and put in jail for life. I cannot believe this is happening in a civilized democracy like ours.

    Moral policing should be made a crime.

  2. it ll go on n on… no1 can stop dem no1 can tuch dem.. corrupted by roots.. the police, goverment, or any1 will not do any damn thing bout it… the people.. either should learn to live with it or make them learn a lesson

  3. India is becoming Hindu Taliban, And goverment is with them, they will be freed very soon. this type of incidents will rise to everyday basic soon, The Great Ram sevaks will loot, Rape, Beat and create havoc in society, they will do that like in Gujrat for sure.

  4. All i can say is third grade and jobless people(AH) creating mess and CHAOS in the name of culture and relegion,
    If they are or if the government or groups are so interested in cleaning up the mess get all the females/girls/ladies who are being exploited or thrown in to these activities by force stop hurting people who are there by choice

  5. Brother Cliff Burton,

    If they are so sincere towards humanity than including Kashmir problem and indias all main problems takes just days to solve.. got it, they wont do that and if you think this is the job of third class people than also you are wrong, this is planned in Arun jatelies office, Sangh parivar and RSS high command have poisoned and built this para military foece to sustain in power and in politics of blood. this is the creation of highly intellectual orthodox secular acting snakes. Sponsored by imotionally unstable NRI’s who are living peicefully spoiling our peice.

  6. now, the question is that, WHERE THE HELL WERE THE POLICE???? wat is Inida getting to be?? do we need more number of terrorists of each religion?? is it necessary? and what about the men in the pubs, huh?? kya woh bhagwan ke puja kar rahe the wahan??? bloody male chauvenistic pigs…

  7. Dont the ones who talk about the culture, and how women don;t care to keep it safe anymore, realize that they are the ones who are going very far against culture?? where is “ahimsa” gone, people?? As a proud Indian, i think that was our virtue, and not treating humans as merely inanimate objects, which is what has happened in mangalore. and the outcome of this is that this incident has made a lot of indians “ashamed indians” from “proud ” ones..did this really need to happen to us?? wasnt the rest of the terrorism enuf to wreck the country , which it already has?? why more??

  8. These are the idiots and stupids of India and sick. They have no right in doing these things.I dont understand..who are these dogs to bite..?they should be killed before turning mad..

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