DMK threatens to pull out from UPA

Great comodies are taking place here in tamilnadu . First it was thirumavalavan (viduthalai siruthai katchi chief) who staged a fast . He holded on for 3 days and called of his fast by the request of PMK chief ramdoss .
what is the outcome of the fast , nothing . These guys want to put a stage and gain some cheap popularity on the name of srilankan tamils.

Thirumavalam had great plans , his timing of fast was that menon after visitng the srilankan prime minster would brief the tamilnadu chief minister , who inturn will ask thirumavalavan to withdraw his fast . But everyone was left ashamed as menon , after landing in chennai airport after the meeting with srilankan prime minister never came out of the airport and left to delhi without meeting the chief minister MR.Karunanidhi .Thirumavalavan had no choice , but to ask ramdoss who is a better actor to help him out . Guys growup , still keeping on to the old formula.
And now its karunanidhi , just 2 months ago we all remember that karunanidhi said that his minister would withdraw from UPA , if ceasefire in srilankan is not implemented , only then there was intense firing from the srilankan army , great drama was unfolding , kanimozhi , chief ministers daughter submitted resignation to chief minster as if she doesn’t know the wat resignations are done . Kanimozhi is still holding her MP seat . Now again karunanidhi makes another threat .


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