Slumdog millionaire grabs 10 oscar nominations

Slumdog millionaire after grabing great recognition at the golden globes , haved surprised by grabing 10 nominations category for the oscars . the following are the nominations category . Best film,Best screenplay,Best original music score,Best director, Best song, Best sound editing,Best sound mixing,Best cinematography,Best film editing.

The film grabbed four awards at the golden globes. Their is a section of the audience and filmy critics that the film showcases india as a under developed country, amitab bachan was the first to outlash at the director saying the film showcases india in a poor state . But there was huge support from others as it is a film that shows the reality and slums do exit in india.

The main achievement for the film from my perspective is that it showcases indian music in the world arena, and one of the saddest thing is that A.R.Rahmans music is stated as bollywood music by the media and bollywood film makers rather than indian music. The film is also advocated by media as bollywood film , it is not a bollywaood fil rather a wastern film with indian actors and technicians . So the only pride is when we get the oscars for the original music score , because the rest of the nominations is done by westerns .

jai ho…….see u at the oscars on 22nd feb


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