where is raju satyam

The one million dollar question , where is raju ?. Sources say he is in US on a law issue there , but then most believe he is not there . US has already filed criminal procedings against raju and satyam.Next to osama bin laden , raju is on man hunt by the investors here in india. 

Ram the interim CEO has said they are not awre of the where abouts of raju . These guys never even know the cash in the company , how come they will know about raju safe place.


4 Responses

  1. I think he is still lying. The fraud that he is talking about is a simple fraud which is not so easy to hide. I am sure the auditors could have easily detected this fraud. Mint has an interesting perspective. They say that based on what he’s said, it’s impossible that Satyam would be operating on such a low operating marging of 3%. Hence the only logical thing is that he has siphoned off the money and this whole thing is a charade.

  2. i get a feeling that even Infosys and Wipro are in similar position as Satyam…. coz… when a company in a particular industry or sector is operating at 3% margins…. then in all likelihood ….. peer group companies would also be operating in the same range … a max of abt 5-7% operating margins in reality…..it is the work of creative accountants who cook up balance sheets of companies….

  3. why is raju hiding? On the one hand when he says that he has confessed everything and is ready to be subject to the laws of the land, on the other hand he is almost gone underground…. doesn’t make sense…..

  4. Dear all

    Mr. raju must be punished not .raju who are all involved in this cheating case. this punishment is example that no one should cheat people like this. But .Raju is rich and influence guy, he will come out with his influence, but government should take severe action that that Mr.raju cannot be come out. so that employees of satyam will be happy. i will pray to god that employees of satyam will settled soon


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