LTTE Base captured by srilankan army

LTTE administrative headquarters Killinochi is believed to be captured by the srilankan army camp . Prabhakaran issri-map said to be hiding there , intense field search  leader .The UN team left the place last tuesday as the srilankan army had said that it could not guarantee the UN staffs lives .

Killinochi had been governed by the LTTE , they have police station , court and a resturant all governed by the LTTE . So the capture of this place is a strong achievement for srilankan army .

Is this liberation or terrorism . The tamil minority as it is said was the original inhabitants of the territory . Singhalese are said to be migrants who inhibited the territory . After years  singhalese population grew much larger than the tamils there and gradually all government jobs and other important portfolios were headed by Singalese . The tamils felt ignored in their own home land which led to the formation of liberation tigers .  Srilankan tamils are said to have more tradition than the tamils in tamilnadu .

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