Pakistan says no to handover Let chief to india

Pakistan a land of terrorist is one of the filthist in the world . They have arrested LeT chief and various other banned groups heads in a span of 30 hrs , that too without any disturbances or obstruction from the madrasa and army . This clearly shows the dialogue that would have been gone between the government and its own terrorist .

And india is very well known for being the tame dog , and shake its tail to whatever US says .Now US has appreciated  the raid taken by pakistan . US treats pakistan and india alike, as dogs . Pakistan is a country which is not going to develop and neither let india to develop . If india has to develop , it should remove the elements from pakistan on its own . India cannot expect US or other country to help it in doing this .

Now india is asking for the custody of LeT chief ,but for what .Earlier india had arrested a head of mujahidden in 1991 and put behind bars . Later he was released in 1994 , when the indian airlines flight was hijacked . Later this terrorist cooly walked off to pakistan . Again he was arrested in 1998 as US hasd pressuried pakistan . After a year he was released. Now again the same guy has been arrested , for what . Does pakistan thing all are fools to accept this fake arrest . Now its on india to act , rather than shaking heads as to Us says.


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