US not satisfied with Zardari comment on mumbai terror

Pakistan a land which breeds terrorist is a concern not only for neighbouring countries but for pakistan itself . Terrorism is like mosquitoes , it breeds in a place destroys the place then destroys the nearby place .

Earlier pakistan PM asif ali zardari had commented that ” mumbai attacks may be the work of stateless people in the country for which pakistan should not be blamed ” . So what is that zardari points to, is it that the terrorist camps are not part of pakistans land ,if so what is his probleem if they get attacked .

Lashkar-e-taiba a banned organisation is cooly resting in pakistan . zardari asks india to give proof , it will try them in their court and sentence them . Is pakistan supporting Lashkar , if not let india or anyone strike them and kill them , if not if zardari believes Lashkar is a innocent group of people who preach goodness in Quran , then let him tell that to the world.

If there is nothing to hide , why did pakistan make a U turn in sending there ISI chief , cant he stand his ground , if nothing is wrong on their side . Now US has confirmed the involvement of Lashkar-e-taiba . Now what is that Zardari is going to do.


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