Taj staff Rajan kamble died , saving guest

On 26 the november Rajan kamble , a maintenance department staff of taj had clocked in for his night shift , his 10 year old good friend prakash patwal finished his morning shift and had a chat with rajan and left for the day . Prakash never knew this will be his friends last working day with him.

At around 2 am when the terrorist started to fire second round of bullets from close quarters of the guests who were locked in a corner room , Rajan kamble putting his life in danger came on line to show the guest the way to move to a safer room and was guiding the guest to move , this is when a bullet fired by the bloody terrorist pierced in to rajan’s intestine .

The guest took rajan with them and all got in to a safer room . A doctor in the group covered the wound with available papers in the room and gave some pain killers from the guest there . Rajan was so brave that he never made noise even when he was bleeding heavily , as the terrorist passed through there room 3 to 4 times .

On 27th around 8 am , the group was rescued and rajan was admitted in JJhospital and was under critical care unit .Every one hoped he will be saved , but destiny was different .Rajan breathed his last after seven days of pain .

May his soul rest in peace and let god give his family the strenght to go through this hard time .

I salute u Rajan alongside of Major sandeep who are great than sachin and amitab bachan


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