Pakistan says no to Lashkar chief hand over

The mumbai attacks had made the indian government to take some serious actions this time rather than a ivglultqzsh2condemn message from the ministers . India had given a list of 20 people to pakistan who are wanted by the indian government .The list includes Lashkar-e-taiba chief and deccan mujihaddin chief .The external affairs minister of india has also expressed options of military strike at pakistan terror camps .

Today the prime minister of pakistan asif ali zardari has said that it wont hand over the lashkar chief . He said that ” india has not given us the proof that pakistan is linked to the act , i dont even believe that the captured terrorist is a pakistani , first let them give the proof , we will take them in our court and sentence them “.

Will this reply lead india to strike pakistan terror camps.

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  1. Mr. Zardari is working/talking like spokman for Terrorist because he know that right now PAK army and ISI is not fully under control of him. PAK economy is in bad condition. Wor would not be affrodable for PAK but PAK people will keep him in govt only when he fight with INDIA [HINDU] with any way – WAR/Deplomatic. so he do the same as people want but he don’t know that this terrorism will kill there country itself. If INDIA make WAR or INDIA not make WAR with pak any way will make stronger image of INDIA in global work…

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