Muslim council denies to bury 9 killed terrorist

Terrorism has no religion , is what muslims in india believe in . Muslim council have denied to bury the bodies of the killed terrorist in indian soil . The muslim council denied to bury the bodies in marine lines bada Qabrastan(cemetery).

The last thing any human being would desire is to be have a good funeral , which ever caste one belongs to , every one feels that his funeral should take place in his/her home town or country . These terrorist have no space in the earth because they are not humans nor animals.

Animal attacks only when it is being hurt , but these creatures are worst than them , hence they should not be burried in indian soil. They should be thrown in forest , atleast let the animals feed on them .

Bhai jagtap a congress MLA had said this that the muslim council had approached him with this request , the MLA said that he never want to hurt the sentiments of the people and has passed the information to deputy cm of state R.R.Patil


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