Major Unnikrishnans Father asks kerala CM to get out of his house

Yesterday Major Unnikrishnan’s funeral had taken place with full honour in Bangalore . Major Unnikrishnan was killed in the attack in taj when a terrorist started to fire indiscriminately . Politicians never want to loose this once in a time opportunity to make hay when the sun shines.

But it was the Majors father who had taught the politicians , that his son never died for the politicians to play around with , rather for the country. Yesterday The funeral of the major was attended by most of the elite politicians in india , karnataka CM was also present.

There was huge opposition in the kerala political circles as the CM of kerala V.S.Achuthananthan never attended the funeral as Major unnikrishnan was born in kerala . Later chief minister and home minister of the state Balakrishnan went to offer condolence to the major’s family and also to take political mileage of the issue.

Major’s father K.Unnikrishnan when came to knew this , went in to the house and asked all politicians to get out of his house. Earlier Unnikrishnan never allowed the sniffer dogs to enter the house before the visit of CM , he told “Get out of here …you stinking dogs….get out of here ” . Later police officials asked majors mother to speak to the CM . Even K.  said he would commit suicide if the politicians never go out .

Embarrassed politicians had to make there way back home on Sunday .


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