Kerala CM insults major sandeep’s family

225px-achuthanandanEarlier kerala CM V.S.Achuthanandan and state home minister Mr.Balakrishnan had visited sandeeps house in bangalore . when the majors father K.Unnikrishnan came to know about their visit , he ran in to his house asking the camera man to “run the camera , run the camera” and drove the CM and the home minister out saying that “No dogs should visit his house” .

Today the kerala CM has commented that ” It was sandeep’s house thats why we visited his house otherwise no dog would have glanched that way ,he said that karnataka chief minister had visited in morning itself , is it a need that karnataka and kerala chief minister should visit at the same time , is this how a major’s father should behave” .

Later K.Unnikrishnan had told media that he behaved that way because the Kerala CM never came because of goodwill but by state opposition political pressure. I am aware that the kerala chief minister is a clean person , he is not corrupt like most other are , and hence he would have been hurt by the comments of major sandeep’s father . But he should not have given these statements when the family has lost their beloved son.


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