Director Ram gopal varma in taj with CM and his son on a tour

What else you can expect from the chief minister who took director ramu and his son on a tour to see the

director ramu

director ramu

debacle in taj . Though there cant be anything seriously wrong in doing so , but it does irritates the people around , why the hell he needs to do that .

Director ramu told that ” i had a sudden invitation from the CM to visit the taj , and i dont have any idea to make a film on this tragedy” .Who ever sees the footage in television will be irritated as i am right now , CM goes arond the taj with his son and the director .


3 Responses

  1. was the cm trying to showcase mumbai to ram gopal verma, its really gross

  2. did raj thakrey and bal thakrey count the number of non mumbaikars risking their lives to save all of us indians or in their veiw should i say mumbaikars. why do senior people like them forget we are indians first, mumbaikars later. hell with you – you just know how to gain popularily the wrong way – by doing what you are doing – its no good for the people of india

  3. its obvious. son gets movie. ramu makes lots of money. dad is happy.

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