Cricket and Mumbai terror

Cricket which is considered as a religion in india will have great influence in healing the the terror impact ,13fan that has brought fear among the mumbaikars . After  the great victories india had against england , the indian people where in great joy , which was followed by the deadly blast that rocked that rocked the people in india.

The impact this blast has had in india is huge as the series of england was on . England has refused to carry on the tour and has flown back home . The much publised champions league has been postponed . The Test series with england is in trouble .Now it will be intresting to see how BCCI is going to handle the situation.

BCCI has to convince the England side to tour india for the test series . Earlier some indian seniors had expressed that they wont be touring to pakistan for the coming pakistan series . Now BCCI has to ask england to come here and india should visit pakistan , which is a triangular hurdle for BCCI. Earlier when southafrica had left srilanka in the miidle of the series , india stayed back . The sub continent shows more resilence to terror than the west , as the sub continent is used to witness terror in regular intervals.


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