Taj operation over,major killed

Taj firing started almost on 26th november . All the terrorist have been killed in Taj . Cleaning operation is on in taj .Flames have errup at  the first floor of the taj that is being put off by the fire fighting force .DJ.Dutt the chief of NSG has said that 2 terrorist were killed in taj today.

The name of the operation was Cyclone and the operation is still on , as the NSG is making final checks in all rooms of the hotel . One commando major sandeep unnikrishnan has been killed in the operation . large amount of hand grenades and AK47’s have been seized from taj.

NSG chief praised major unni krishnan who gave his life to rescue the lives of his counterpart commandos . Nsg chief told that one terrorist was on the top floor and the commandos never knew this and they were approaching the floor in the same direction . Major unnikrishnan seeing this asked his commandos not to come up and he started firing at the terrorist staying in the top floor,major was singled out as his other commandos had to approach the floor through the other direction , but sadly before they could come , major died in bullet injuries .


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