Shivraj patil Resigned finally


After the devastating terror attacks mumbai has felt , pressure seems to be mounting on the home minister shivraj patil which made him to take moral responsibility of mumbai attacks  . High level sources have revealed that the congress camp made the home minister to take responsibility of the terror attaks.Shivraj patil has been resinged .

Lalu has commented that the resignation is already too late. He said” minister post is not the main thing but country security is priority”. Chidambaram takes over as Home minister and PM will take care of finance ministry

Congress camp wants to replace the home minister , more are favoured for pranab mukergee and chidambaram .Shivraj patil has been under great pressure since the last attacks in malegoan .

Calls for Patil’s head have arisen after almost every security crisis but this time, with his performance expected to impact the Congress’s poll fortunes, Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh could face strong pressure to sack him, party sources said.

They added that the workload of national security adviser M.K. Narayanan, too, could come under the scanner, since many believe he is overburdened looking after internal security as well as foreign policy matters.

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