Investigation leads in mumbai

Terrific news is being floated across from the confession of the arrested terrorist , Azad ameer qasab a 21 year old pakistani national.

Following are the informations received so far

15 terrorists came in ,they started on 21st in a karachi ship, got arms and ammuniations from a pakistan ship believed to be dawoods vessel.
On reaching the indian coast , they got in to a boat named kuber , killed 4 fishermens in the boat and moved to the gateway of india in the kuber boat.
2 batches landed in gateway, split in to 5 batches there after.
Target was to kill 5000 lives and to blow up Taj hotel.
They were trained for about a year in arms handling and maritime terrorism.
They had Blackberry , which helps them in navigation.
Terrorist were heavily druged.
Trained in Muzzafarabad , PoK.
They had Mauritius national proofs,told as students and checked in taj before the attacks , stored arms and ammuniations in the room.(who checked and the date is not yet known).
Yemeni terrorist are believed to be involved.
Dawood is also believed to be involved.
IP address of deccan mujahidden has been traced outside inside.
Scotland yard personnel , members from U.K , U.S are helping india in investigation leads.

More informations yet to come


4 Responses

  1. Thankgod the security forces killed them. Was there any terrorist taken alive.

  2. yes one named Azad ameer kasav has been captured alive by the police on thursday . He is helping the police in leading the investigation . check this

  3. Good we need to extract infomation out of this dirty dog.

  4. After blaming BJP and NDA for more than four years on the issue of POTA, the UPA government has in the eleventh hour of their tenure has realized their guilt and moved a bill to amend the law to make it hard to deal with terrorists. But only the time will tell whether they are still serious to put their plan into action, whether their amended laws will be put into action by executive body in true spirit and whether they are actually able to create a real fear in the minds of terrorists to stop or at least reduce terror attacks, not only from foreign based terrorists but also from their evil brothers acting from within the country in various names commonly called as Naxalites or Extremists.

    UPA government on home front has failed completely to stop spreading of evil network by Naxilites in every nook and corner of the country only because some of their brothers sitting in political arena are providing patronage to such Naxal groups in the name of social welfare or due to political compulsions they face in the way of their survival and existence in political field or to give a befitting reply to their so called political rivals.

    As such, the need of the hour is to understand the fact that those who commit crime against the nation have got no religion and no love for any political party. It is a bitter truth that domestic terrorist groups in various names are active in the country just by dividing the political class and have been successful in their plan to create fear in the minds of not only general mass but also in the mind of police officers and administrative officers in general .

    UPA government has therefore to first to delink them from all such political or naxal groups who are committing crime on the society and extorting money from the residents of their operation area. UPA has to take appropriate steps to safeguard the people from the torturous extortion of money from innocent businessmen and administrative officers.
    Government has to change the brand image of India police officials and provide them with quality arms and ammunition to ensure to boost up the moral of police officers. For this purpose bulky police workers have to be replaced with young and energetic police officers dressed in effective manner.

    UPA government has to ensure that without any play of corrupt practices, our judicial system is able to deliver justice without any fear or wastage of time in all cases related to crime of any nature. Criminals have to be punished in the shortest period of trial and handled toughly before trial and the most important is that none of political leaders should be allowed to interfere in any manner.

    On the issue of terrorists who are carrying out their evil task sitting at foreign centers through their network in India itself can be forced to curtail their activities only by punishing those Indians who are extending supporting hand to foreign based terrorists. Secondly government has to ensure that Indian border with Pakistan, china, Bangladesh and Nepal is completely sealed and whatever goods are coming from such countries are thoroughly checked before allowing them entry into our country.

    Lastly our government has to ensure that proper education is given in all schools and colleges to combat the act of terror perpetrated by evil forces in the world at large. Articles, chapters, books, poems songs and all activities focusing patriotism should be encouraged, promoted and given due significance in all schools, colleges, political rallies government function and all private activities.

    It is easy to enact laws but it is difficult to put them in action in true spirit. Government has to act in such a way that their performances matches with what they promise. They have to send a message by their acts that India cannot be silent spectator of evil activities and evil doers cannot escape from the clutches of court and police system.

    We have seen the fight among various political parties on MISA.POTA, TADA. MACOCA and so on.
    We have also seen how central government has been restricting tough laws recommended by Gujarat government and how the same UPA government blessing Maharashtra government for act like MACOCA.
    We also know how Abu Salem. Afzal Guru and other hard core terrorists are served like state guests in jail and how their punishment awarded by Supreme Court is ignored.
    Let us see how the outgoing government really act in short period of hardly four months and the same will be the main deciding factor for victory or defeat in the forthcoming election for Parliament.

    Danendra Jain

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