How Azam Ameer Qasab was captured

On wednesday night mumbai saw the how terror moved freely in the city , 2 terrorist azam ameer qasab and ismael khan were on killing spree .The two terrorist went to chatrapati shivaji terminus railwway station and started firing indiscriminately at around 9.30 pm.

Police reached the spot , and the terrorist took there positions behinf the coach and started firing at the police, they threw hand grenades at the advancing force . Once the police force got intensified the duo headed to a street towards cama hospital , Unfortunately karkare,ashok kante and salaskar came in the same lane in a official Qualis vehicle.

The terrorist seeing the police vehicle went behind the tree and started firing at the vehicle , the terrorist approached the vehicle and found that all three were dead, they pulled the bodies out and headed towards vidhan bhavan. It was here that the vehicles wheel got punchered and the terrorist had to abandon the vehicle, they approached a skoda vehicle , threatened those in and took the skoda car driving it to marine drive.

On reaching girguam chowpatty at around 12.30 am on thursday , barricades were placed and the nearby police force from D B marg station blocked the vehicle , and firing took place between them . In the shoot out one sub inspector tukuram gopal died . Khan , one of the terrorist was killed and Qasab was held alive, the only hope to resolve the mumbai blast.

4 Responses

  1. Thank god. Hope we can extract some info out of this animal.

  2. How many more deaths will it take before we decide to take a stance against groups that train the likes of Azam to brazenly kill innocent people!!!!

  3. y the forces in Indai is been partial to terroirists why the rights and equipments are not given to policemen also just think off wht I am saying

  4. Keep Azam Ameer Qasab alive. Video the Tourch and show on all channels. every animal will meet the same fate.

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