Taj Hotel deaths count of 15 in a single room

The terrorists who struck at Taj Mahal hotel operated with ease and showed no remorse and fired at anyone who moved, a top marine commando
said, adding he saw 12 to 15 dead bodies in a single room at the luxury premises

Giving an account of the commando raid at the besieged Taj, the leader of Indian Navy’s elite Marine Commandos (MARCOS) today said his team saw about 50 dead bodies scattered through the hotel during the flush out operation. “12 to 15 dead bodies” were seen in one single room, he said.

“They were the kind of people with no remorse — anybody and whomsoever came in front of them they fired,” the unidentified masked commando whose face was disguised in a black scarf and sunglasses said.

A Mauritius national’s identity card was recovered from the rucksack of a terrorist who escaped from a hotel room, he said, adding the recovered rucksack also contained Chinese made hand grenades, seven ammunition magazines, 400 spare rounds of ammunition, seven credit cards of different banks, dry rations and USD 1,200 and Rs 6,840.


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