Pakistan ISI chief and Army chief to visit Newdelhi

Prime minister of india Mr.Manmohan singh had called up the pakistan premier and has asked to send theindia-pakistan countries ISI chief to Newdelhi to find the involvement of pakistan in any way and also to give any inputs about the pakistani elements, that would assist the indian force to break open the case and find the elements behind the mumbai terror attacks.

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday accepted a request from his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh to send the ISI chief to India for sharing of information related to the terrorist attack in Mumbai.


The Prime Minster’s spokesman Zahid Bashir said Singh had made a request to Gilani, asking him to send the ISI chief to India to “cooperate in the investigation of the Mumbai attacks and for sharing certain information”.

Bashir told PTI: “The Pakistani Prime Minister accepted this offer. The two sides will work out modalities for the visit of the Inter Services Intelligence chief which is expected to take place soon.” Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha was recently appointed chief of the ISI by Pakistan Army chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. This would be the first instance of a chief of Pakistan’s spy agency visiting India in connection with the investigation of a terror attack.


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  1. Ajmal made another important disclosure: that all terrorists were trained in marine warfare along with the special course Daura-e-Shifa conducted by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in what at once transforms the nature of the planning from a routine terror strike and into a specialized raid by commandos.

    Battle-hardened ATS officials are surprised by the details of the training the terrorists were put through before being despatched for the macabre mission. This was very different from a terrorist attack, and amounted to an offensive from the seam, said a source.

    Ajmal has revealed the name of his fellow jihadis all Pakistani citizens as Abu Ali, Fahad, Omar, Shoaib, Umer, Abu Akasha, Ismail, Abdul Rahman (Bara) and Abdul Rahman (Chhota).

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