Indian forces storm Nariman house Jewish centre

Troops landed from a helicopter to take the roof of the Chabad Lubavitch centre, while forces on the ground

commandos on the roof of nariman house

commandos on the roof of nariman house

entered the building. Security forces are also clearing gunmen from two luxury hotels, more than a day after a series of attacks that killed 119 people and injured 300.

At first light helicopters swooped over the building in the Nariman business and residential complex in south Mumbai. Commandos initially dropped “thunder flashes” or smoke bombs to create confusion and then several troops abseiled down ropes to secure the roof. The BBC’s David Loyn say they have been tentatively moving down through the building trying not to cause casualties among the hostages.

Earlier, a woman, child were seen leaving the building, but it was unclear whether they had managed to escape or were released. The child was identified as the two-year-old son of Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holzberg, the main representative at the ultra-orthodox outreach centre. There was no word on the rabbi’s fate. Meanwhile, security forces are still moving room-to room at the luxury hotels targeted in Wednesday’s attacks – the Taj Mahal Palace and Oberoi Trident.

The Indian navy has also taken control of two Pakistani merchant navy ships and is questioning their crews after witnesses said some of the militants came ashore on small speed boats.


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