Terrorist killed in Nariman House Mumbai

terrorFierce firing is still on at Nariman House and Trident (Oberoi) hotel in Mumbai. At the Taj hotel, Maharashtra DGP A N Roy said hostages has been rescued However, there are reports of firing between terrorists and NSG commandoes around the hotel.

A blast has been reported at Nariman House. NSG commandos are engaged in a gunbattle with six terrorists holed up inside the building. One terrorist holed up inside Nariman House in south Mumbai has been killed, police said. An unspecified number of foreigners including Americans, Israelis and Canadians are thought to be among those in the hotels and in Nariman House, a residential complex with an old Jewish prayer hall.

Firing is also on at Trident (Oberoi) hotel. Series of blasts have reportedly been heard at the hotel. Hostages are still held by terrorists inside the hotel are being used as a human shield according to reports. The Army has entered the hotel to flush out the terrorists. The deputy chief minister of Maharashtra, R R Patil, has said that there could be between 100 and 200 guests and workers trapped in the Trident-Oberoi Hotel, with 10-12 militants also inside.

“There could be 100-200 people inside the hotel, but we cannot give you the exact figure as many people have locked themselves inside their rooms,” RR Patil told reporters. “There could be 10-12 terrorists inside the hotel. There are no negotiations with the terrorists.” The terrorists are believed to have come in a boat to the Gateway of India, opposite Taj hotel, as fresh explosions rocked the two hotels after the night of terror targeting ten places.


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