Terroist Attack Foreigners in Mumbai- UK US Tourist

foreignA Briton who escaped the terrorist attack at the five-star Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai Wednesday night said the attackers specifically asked for American and British tourists.

Alex Chamberlain, who is working in Mumbai, said the terrorists allowed him to leave along with other diners at the besieged Kandahar restaurant in the Oberoi, now known as the Hotel Trident, after he kept his nationality a secret.

He told Sky TV that the terrorists shot a waitress in the arm before allowing diners to take the stairs down to the lobby.

Chamberlain said the smoke from either a hand-grenade or a smoke bomb was so thick that those making their way down from the 18th floor or wherever we were feared they would choke to death.

He said once he was on the ground floor he had to break a glass window in order to let some air in before making his way out.

“We’re preparing for a very long night,” he added.


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