Nariman House Encounter in Mumbai

In an unfortunate incident, an entire building in the heart of Colaba called Nariman House was controlled bynariman-point 6 terroristone terrorist has been killed by firing from the commandos and the house is now held hostage by 5 terrorists.The house had different floors which were occupied by indian , israil and jewish families .
It is being feared that lives of 10 – 12 Jewish families, who live in one floor of the building is under serious threat. Four people were killed after terrorists struck in the highly crowded area and fired gun shots indiscriminately. National Security Guard commandos are planning to attack the house from behind to ensure that they are able to free the hostages.
Initial reports said that a group of terrorists escaped in a police vehicle and reached Colaba, where they threw a grenade on a petrol pump. After disembarking from the police car, they entered the Nariman house, in a preplanned manner and held the Jewish and Israeli families as hostages. They also started firing indiscriminately after taking positions in the house and are still holding out. Security forces have cordoned the house and commandos have moved in from behind in the highly crowded area.
Maharashtra deputy chief Minister RR Patil informed that nine suspected ultras have been arrested. He also informed the death of 11 policemen, including some of the top cops of the Anti-terrorists squad.

3 Responses

  1. Lord Jesus will protect and comfort the Jewish people.
    Pray the protection of Jewish people the children of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.
    Pray for them for God is already to protecting them.

  2. I just saw the Jewish woman saved at hariman house and my spiritual joy arouse with in me, for there is something special with the jew. She was very calm and comforting others.
    Thanks for posting.
    AP . INDIA

  3. We pray to God Almighty to protect the life of all his children in Nariman House. May those terrorist be destroyed and God’s children be saved by His mighty power

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