“Stop defending yourself Ricky” says Steve waugh


Steve Waugh wants skipper Ricky Ponting to stop defending his actions on the India tour and rather suggested him to concentrate on saving the world champion side from becoming vulnerable.The former skipper advised the current leader of the team to leave behind the bad memories of the India tour and move on.
“Rick now needs to draw a line through the Nagpur Test and get the spring back in his step. If he continues to defend his actions, his mind will be distracted and his team vulnerable to attack from sides now sensing a fragility not seen since the mid-1980s,” Waugh wrote in his column for the Daily Telegraph.Ponting blamed Indian conditions, including the ‘delaying tactics’, for the slow over-rate problem which his team faced during the Nagpur Test.
Waugh also defended Allan Border with whom Ponting is at a cold war, saying the legendary skipper hardly indulges in criticism and he was just expressing his opinion as an expert when he questioned Ponting’s tactics.
“Anyone and everyone has had their say but when former and current captains lock horns, it’s always going to create extra interest. I can see both points of view but know there’s only ever going to be one winner – the guy with the microphone or computer. As such, Ricky needs to move on and let it go, even though it’s probably eating away at him,” he wrote. “In Allan Border you have a man who rarely hands out criticism but he obviously felt Rick’s tactics were wrong and as a journalist he has an obligation to provide an opinion. I also know that as a high-profile player you tend to live in a somewhat cocooned world, hold on to negative criticism and think everyone is against you at times,” he added. Ponting faced severe criticism from all quarters for handing the bowl to part-time slow bowlers during the India’s second innings in Nagpur Test to fasten the over-rate and save his skin from one-match ban.


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