Rajini asks fans not to celebrate his birthday

Rajinikanth has reportedly urged his fans not to celebrate his birthday which falls on the 12th of December in order to express his solidarity with innocent Tamils, being killed in Sri Lanka.

According to Sudhakar, Incharge, Rajinikanth Fans Welfare Association, ‘everyone is deeply hurt by the sufferings of Tamils in the neighboring island nation. Hence we have decided not to celebrate Rajnikanth’s birthday on 12 December’.

It may be recalled that Kamal Haasan chose to refrain from celebrating his birthday on the 7th of November for the same issue.

Kamal Haasan had given his reasons then for not celebrating his birthday. ‘I beseech my fans to refrain from celebrations. An individual’s birthday loses credence or importance when genocide is practiced in our neighboring island with renewed vigor’.


2 Responses

  1. Thalaivar rocks , follows kamal , thalaivar proves nothing wrong in following someone when he does right things.

  2. There is not a single day without a public protest held by one group or the other in Tamil Nadu-India, calling for a change in India’s foreign policy with Sri Lanka. Tamil Nadu uprising: A test for Indias fundemental principles – Ahimsa and Peace

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