Jaya to sue DMK chief karunanidhi

Jaya to file law suit against karunanidhi, Tamilnadu CM for accusing her of campus violence in chennai . it was on november 12th a clashon the name of community took place here in chennai . and now its the party blame game . From november 12 th this is the sequence of incidents

november 12th: clash in ambedkar law college on the name of community , police watched the whole drama for which there was huge chage in the hirachy of the force. Injured students are admitted in hospital and various political leaders visited the students. AIADM and MDMK accuse DMK

november 13 jaya : DMK is responsible for the ill action of the police,DMK had asked police to take no action if any violence takes place. A panel is appointed to look in to the incident

november 17 karunanidhi : jaya instigated campus violence in chennai and is creating drama that DMK is responsible

november 18 jaya : How can he(DMK chief) accuse me ? Going to sue Karunanidhi for the comments he made against me , when the panel is yet to submit the report comments like this can affect the investigating panel . Panel is yet to submit the report .


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