chennai law college


To your right are the picture of some animals which are in the name of human society prevailing in this earth to become lawyers and judges of tomorrow . See the pride these guys have in their accomplishment.

On november 12th these animals had a spat with in them in the name of community in . on wednesday when the exams were on , this group was assembled at 2pm and ready to attack , hearing the news police were deployed outside the college .At around  4.30 pm these animals made guys of the other community to run and thrashed them with iron rods, sticks, tube lights and large stones.

The police were spectators. Around 10 students were beating a student for about 10 even after he fell unconscious, a tube light was smashed at his head, all this in front of the police . Then when the public and reporters started to abuse the police, only then they stormed the college and arrested all violent students 

4 students are seriously injured and are critical. The four students are Bharathi kannan,arumugam,ayya durai and chitirai selvan . bharathi kannan is fighting for life. Following wide embarrasement for being mere spectators of the whole incident Poice official balakrishnan had said that he had spoke to the principal and the college is closed and sealed . Assistant commisioner of police and a inspector have been suspended and 4 sub inspectors are transferred . All violet students are being arrested.

Tomorrows law makers…………..Jai hind


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  1. The event was caught on tape and was broadcast on all local channels. India has a long way to go on educating our younger generation regarding respect for fellow human.

  2. The event was caught on tape and was broadcast on all local channels. India has a long way to go on educating our younger generation regarding respect for fellow human.

  3. This is total shame on the law students .The video we watched here in London just proves how cruel and cheap these people are and the inability of the Tamil Nadu Police .Shameful on the government and the Police officials who stood watching the incident.What if one of those students beaten were their own son or the commisioners son …would they still be watching this?????????????. All the people involved in this horrific incident have to be punished severely else no one would ever feel secure in Tamil Nadu .Punish all the Police officials who stood watching .This reflects the Government run and the useless powers they have in tackling injustice and violence.ARE THEY FIT ONLY TO TAKE BRIBE FROM PEOPLE??????????????????.

  4. Like the films (Annyan,4the people….)characters will come from the people, then they create their own law and power for protecting people. At that time, there wont be any police,animals or court like this.

    Only one thing–>” There wil be human-rather than this animals “.

  5. The Chennai Ambedkar Law College incident seem to have deep political and caste roots and is revealing many neglected aspects of education system. The exhibited desire of students to experiment valor and take pride at it needs to be addressed as part of the college curriculum. I think students need to be exposed to “Problem Resolution” techniques.
    Chennai College Fight Culture

  6. I am one of the student of this shameful college. This is not the first time this people were fighting like this. This kind of already happend in hostel itself. This fuckers were motivated by a great tamil nadu politician. Results even I have feel so shame to tell i belong to law college

  7. The first thing that should have been done is that the Law Minister of India MUST resign, followed by the CM/Tamilnadu and the supreme court Chief Justice.
    Followed that the Police(idiot nuts) should have been prosecuted and condemned for at least 20 years of prison failing to maintain the law & duty for which these nonsense were really recruited and paid salary.

    Alas ! none of this will happen in “MODERN INDIA”, a few ACP ranked officers will be TRANSFERRED (that’s the INDIAN version of rigorous punishment!!!)from one unit to another, and few constable will be suspended(after a few months they will be bought back following the local Police association lobby!!). Ofcourse none of the Bloody future lawmakers(who are redoubtably worst than criminals) will be banned for their life.. those monks will still continue to complete their course with flying colors, get LLB degree, and someday become law minister or supreme court judges !!!
    Isn’t all these make INDIA an ideal RECIPE to label as BEST CIVILIZED country of this world!! That’s the reason why rapes, murder and dishonesty has became a part of everyday India. Does anyone sees hope?? Not at all coz the very backbone is so badly screwed that its gone irreversible.
    Anyway Congrats the future lawyers for your excellent effort to keep high the Indian name and morale!! just ask yourselves…. ARE you even deserved to be called as an ANIMAL ??? English need to discover news words to describe gems like you ! Keep it up and kill India…. Bravo

  8. Woow… South india and north india are equal now. If we thought copyrights for lawlessnes rested only with people from northern india then here’s an trailer.

    Cheap colleges and village like administration are queit common in south india. I’ve been in this region for almost a decade. I had this feeling that south indians are good at heart. But my experiences and seeing this kind of tamasha, I can only say that Tamil Nadu is close to becoming a banana republic. Ardent Hindi haters(National language) have another feather on their cap.

    I would request them to fix their own state first rather then putting pressure on the already burdened central govt to help citizens of other countries from terrorists.You and your closed culture…Grow up guys…

  9. And by the way… Please stop praying and building temples for filmstars.. People abroad make good of that. Or at least do it in hiding. You are spoiling the growing image of India.

  10. Any body remember what Karunanidhi told during 2006 election? He first said “when ‘cheetahs’ (viduthalai siruthaikal) can be in their (AIADMK) partners why can’t Lions (Karthik’s newly formed party had Lion as its symbol) can be their partners. This he said becoz Jayalalitha didnot accept Karthik at that election. And afterwards when a reporter asked him “whether your words make any caste problems, Karunanidhi told “I CANT DO ANYTHING IF THERE IS A CLASH BETWEEN ‘ANIMAL CASTES’ (miruga jathikal). Karunanidhi referred both Thevars and SCs as ‘Miruga jathikal’ but no body made this as a big issue. Had Jayalitha told this she would have been smashed by Karunanidhi by stating her caste. But now Karunanidhi started crying to defend A.Raja by stating his caste and says that every one talking about Raja’s telecom scam because A.Raja is an SC.

  11. I believe that

    Today’s Students are leaders of tomorrow

    The Caste System introduced in Education and Employment with good intentions is receiving its expected slash backs. The reason is allowing under performing students and students of bad ethics, Bad morale, Mis Conduct, Criminal history to get admitted in the Indian Schools just because they fall under certain caste.

    The Score and ranks of these Students has less to do with their Admission to a college or Employment with Sate and Central Govt.

    This allows Law breakers , Criminals, rapists, murderers , Corrupt ,boot legers and rowdies to become a lawyer , judges , Collectors ,Engineers, Doctors, Politicians or a ministers.

    The Regulations in the Educational System has to be changed such that Economically down trodden people are given more priority than the Caste .

    A Student whose father has already used the reservation scheme and presently serving as a Administrative officer or Judge or Affluent Should be upgraded to a Forward community such that his sons or daughter has to use the regular Merit system.

    This would avoid a Student who is spoiled sprat, pampered drug addicts and son of a
    District judge or an Administrative officer to enter as a Student using reservation system.
    At the same time responsibility would be sowed in the kids mind and will be aware that reservation is not our herditory property but oneday come to an end.
    This will also enable the other students of the same sect to seek admission.

    If a Backward , Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe uses this scheme and avails admission to the degree course followed by employment he or she should be upgraded to a Socially upward community and his sons and daughters will no more be able to use the reservations system.

    If the reservation system is revamped by giving emphasis on Economically downtrodden people irrespective of caste but Merits these kind of barbaric activities can be totally avoided.

    Otherwise we will see and bear more this in the future.

    The good news is this is happening on the campus within themselves. This is a Blessing in disguise. If these guys are not given admission based on the Merit and performance then the whole India and the world will be watching You tube videos of the same students fighting on the streets endangering the public which is further not welcome as we are all geared to face a global Economy to create a harmonious world.

    Last but not the least. Reservation is an allowance for the people who are deprived in the past centuries. It is not a Hereditary property. Indians across the globe has to realize this and wake up so that we stop further more damage to our country.

    I am deeply sad about this Scenario in India and makes me think to write

    Today’s Law Breakers of India are tomorrow’s lawmakers of India.

  12. be happy dont involve in fight

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