Rajini asks fans not to celebrate his birthday

Rajinikanth has reportedly urged his fans not to celebrate his birthday which falls on the 12th of December in order to express his solidarity with innocent Tamils, being killed in Sri Lanka.

According to Sudhakar, Incharge, Rajinikanth Fans Welfare Association, ‘everyone is deeply hurt by the sufferings of Tamils in the neighboring island nation. Hence we have decided not to celebrate Rajnikanth’s birthday on 12 December’.

It may be recalled that Kamal Haasan chose to refrain from celebrating his birthday on the 7th of November for the same issue.

Kamal Haasan had given his reasons then for not celebrating his birthday. ‘I beseech my fans to refrain from celebrations. An individual’s birthday loses credence or importance when genocide is practiced in our neighboring island with renewed vigor’.

chennai law college


To your right are the picture of some animals which are in the name of human society prevailing in this earth to become lawyers and judges of tomorrow . See the pride these guys have in their accomplishment.

On november 12th these animals had a spat with in them in the name of community in . on wednesday when the exams were on , this group was assembled at 2pm and ready to attack , hearing the news police were deployed outside the college .At around  4.30 pm these animals made guys of the other community to run and thrashed them with iron rods, sticks, tube lights and large stones.

The police were spectators. Around 10 students were beating a student for about 10 even after he fell unconscious, a tube light was smashed at his head, all this in front of the police . Then when the public and reporters started to abuse the police, only then they stormed the college and arrested all violent students 

4 students are seriously injured and are critical. The four students are Bharathi kannan,arumugam,ayya durai and chitirai selvan . bharathi kannan is fighting for life. Following wide embarrasement for being mere spectators of the whole incident Poice official balakrishnan had said that he had spoke to the principal and the college is closed and sealed . Assistant commisioner of police and a inspector have been suspended and 4 sub inspectors are transferred . All violet students are being arrested.

Tomorrows law makers…………..Jai hind

Jaya to sue DMK chief karunanidhi

Jaya to file law suit against karunanidhi, Tamilnadu CM for accusing her of campus violence in chennai . it was on november 12th a clashon the name of community took place here in chennai . and now its the party blame game . From november 12 th this is the sequence of incidents

november 12th: clash in ambedkar law college on the name of community , police watched the whole drama for which there was huge chage in the hirachy of the force. Injured students are admitted in hospital and various political leaders visited the students. AIADM and MDMK accuse DMK

november 13 jaya : DMK is responsible for the ill action of the police,DMK had asked police to take no action if any violence takes place. A panel is appointed to look in to the incident

november 17 karunanidhi : jaya instigated campus violence in chennai and is creating drama that DMK is responsible

november 18 jaya : How can he(DMK chief) accuse me ? Going to sue Karunanidhi for the comments he made against me , when the panel is yet to submit the report comments like this can affect the investigating panel . Panel is yet to submit the report .

Putin comments G20 meet and his judo vedio

Vlamidir Putin cracks the G20 meet . Russian president has clearly said that he will not use russian resource to rectify the conditions created by the mistake of theother  countries .

Putin’s judo vedio

Top indian IT companies will overcome slump

thumbAt a time when customers in the US and Europe are tightening their IT budgets, leading Indian tech firms are betting on their huge pile of cash to steer through the global economic crisis and also to explore M&A opportunities in a world reeling under severe liquidity crunch.

Each of the top six Indian software services firms—TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam, HCL Technologies and Cognizant—have cash reserves in excess of $500 million, with Infosys topping the list at $1.8 billion.

This gives these firms flexibility to invest in newer opportunities including M&A possibilities. A comfortable liquidity position is a great resource to quickly acquire a distressed asset, points out Dr T R Madan Mohan, managing partner of Browne & Mohan, a Bangalore-based consultancy firm. Given the global turbulence, many acquisition targets could come at attractive valuations.

“A strong liquidity position is a comfort factor not just for a company, but also for clients and employers,” says Infosys chief financial officer V Balakrishnan. “This also allows for making the right kind of investment in the current context be it an acquisition, new services portfolio or creating technology solutions.”

And it’s not just the top six, even mid-tier companies are looking to leverage their cash reserves for M&A opportunities. Patni Computer systems, with around $270 million in cash, is one such company that’s eyeing M&A opportunities. “Cash is a premium in these tough times, and it will come handy,” says Patni chief financial officer Surjeet Singh. The company is currently evaluating several firms in Europe for making an acquisition.