Valentino Rossi vs Casey Stoner

Valentino Rossi engaged in a ferocious battle with his rival counterpart Casey Stoner   in the U.S grand prix which was assisted by some crew modifications to his yamaha .

Stoner, who is now 25 points shy of Rossi in the drivers’ championship race, said he would have preferred a cleaner battle. “The mistake I made past halfway was mine,” he said. “I ran a little wide and lost the front on the turn as I tried to get back on track. It was race over after that. I enjoyed a lot of the race, but I felt that some of the passes were a bit too much for me. I’ve been racing for a lot of years and have come through a lot of different ranks, and for me just a couple of passes were a little too much.”

At Laguna Seca in July, Stoner had refused on-camera to shake Rossi’s hand after the Italian performed a series of overtaking moves the Australian regarded as unsportsmanlike. In response, in footage watched repeatedly on the internet, Rossi said: “That’s racing, Casey.” Later, Rossi revealed that Stoner had told him on the podium that he had lost respect for the Italian.

On october 2nd, it was Stoner who reached out to Rossi, arriving at the conference, slapping his rival on the back and offering a handshake of his own. It was gratefully accepted.

Finally Valentino rossi proved he is the world champion in the 2008 season

valentino rossi – 373points , stoner – 280 points


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